Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cover Reveal for Burlesque! Le Cirque D'Amour

Below is the cover for my romantic suspense serial which will be out, I believe, at the end of August. The first installment is done and I'm just waiting on edits from my editor.

To promote this book I'm sponsoring the 2013 Ohio Burlesque Festival and I also wrote a post about the sponsorship over on One Handed Writers, if you're curious to know more.

So without further's the cover!

 And here's the blurb....

Come run away with the circus...

Ruby Smith prefers to hide behind-the-scenes, keeping life at a distance. But when she signs on to work as a seamstress for the steamy Cirque D’Amour, the spotlight won’t take no for an answer, and neither will the cirque’s handsome, enigmatic magician, Blake Cannon.

She’s watched him from afar for months, dreaming, but never daring to hope he would look her way. When he finally does notice her, they share one unforgettable night, but, the next morning, Ruby finds her hopes of a new romance cruelly dashed. There’s trouble at her door and happily-ever-after is far, far away.

Life is a circus, magic is a trick and love is a striptease. Or is it?

The first installment of a three part action/adventure romance serial.