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*EXCERPT* Forbidden by Laxmi Hariharan

Can a human tame a dragon?




Tibor yanked her by her hair.

Pain jolted through her scalp, her teeth snapped together so hard, she saw spots of black. Tears squeezed out of the corner of her eyes. Still, she refused to let go of her mate.

"So strong," Tibor leaned close enough for his breath to graze her cheek.

She shivered. The hair on her forearms grew hard. Sickness bubbled up her throat. She stayed where she was. Holding on to Axel.

Tibor pulled at her.

The force was strong enough for her hands to slide down to Axel's forearms. She held on there, feeling the strength of his muscles, the curve of his biceps. The feel of his skin against her's. "Axe" she cried out.

His head twitched. He gritted his teeth and raised his head. Sweat poured down his forehead, dripping down his throat. His features were ashen. His eyelids fluttered open and locked onto her's.

She gasped. They were completely dark. She'd never seen them so perfectly black like his iris was dissolving into himself. Like his emotions were eating him from the inside out. He was trapped in a personal hell. What was he reliving right then?

Tibor let go of her hair, only to wrap his fingers around the nape of her neck.

Terror squeezed her chest. Her throat went dry. She tried to keep the fear from her face, kept her features calm, and her emotions from showing. "Axe," Her voice was strong when she spoke. "Get up, break through his hold."

Some of the darkness in his iris receded. The black lightened to dull gray. "Freya," His voice came out on a whisper.

"It's me. I'm here." She dug her nails into his skin.

His muscles jumped.

She was hurting him. But if that's what it took to get through to him, then that was fine.

Tibor hauled her up by the scruff of her neck. His lips were close to her ear. "You love him." His voice rippled over her, echoing through her head. "You can't let him die for you. Your life is over, you are tainted, you may as well give yourself to me. Release him Freya. Release Axel so he can live."

Wolf Pack Newsletter - 8/29/2018


Librarian Paighton Knight believes love is the stuff of fairy tales and has no time for those kinds of stories. Jaison, the queen's gardian, has one month to show Paighton love does exist. When his responsibilities to his pride clash with his needs for his mate, will he be able to merge the two worlds?

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My name is Lana Rodriguez and I am DONE with dragons.
  Especially my childhood friend, rich boy Lucas Randall, who claims I’m his mate.
 So what if he’s more than six feet of stupefying ripped muscle and bedroom-I-know-you-Lana eyes. 
 I’m not the housekeeper’s daughter anymore. 
 No Randall is going to dictate my life again.
 Not even if every atom in my messed up body wants him...

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Save your City or Save your Heart?  Teaming up with the sexy, irresistible, rogue cop,  Vik is the only way to save my people.  I cannot deny my desire for him.  But can I trust him?

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NEW ~ 99¢ SALE

At 25-years-old, unmarried, and untouched, Eve Tesler is an outcast in the Everton colony’s society. Loneliness plagues her daily life and fearing that will she never know true intimacy, she does something uncharacteristically reckless: she pays the steep price for an unforgettable night with one of the Krave, legendary alien lovers with unparalleled skills and non-human abilities in the bedroom.

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Just 1 More...

I can't resist a great read and my friends always write the best books.

Take a look and see if you find anything you like.


What do you get when you cross a smoking-hot rock star with a sexy human who identifies as a shifter, then throw in a heaping dose of gothic fairytale enchantment? She Wolf, Fiona Phillips, is about to find out!


Cian DeMarco is a talented musician—and a vampire. He’s content living the single life in San Francisco, playing with his band at Club Royal each weekend…until he meets a human woman he can’t resist. The scent of Magdalena’s blood has him completely undone, and he begins to question his felicitous existence when his desire for her grows out of control.

Featured Read: Love is the Law by Melissa Snark

Hotshot LA lawyer Chase Baron doesn't know whether to kiss or throttle his best friend's little sister. She's a spoiled, unpredictable brat, and she drives this alpha wolf shifter howling mad. The last thing he wants is a chaotic witch disrupting his orderly life. When magic frees him of all his inhibitions, his wolf claims his one true mate. Once the claiming is over, however, he's left mired in resentment over his lover's manipulation...

Arabia Jensen doesn't mean to cause trouble. It's her natural-born talent as a raven shifter. She casts a Heart's Desire spell intended to capture the attention of a certain stubborn werewolf. But after the magic takes hold, she's the one who loses control. Arabia finds more than just her hands full with a big bad wolf who's horny and lookin' for love.

Once the pandemonium fades, Arabia's antics land her in prison. Chase is the only attorney willing to take her case, but even he thinks she's guilty. What's a woman to do when the man she loves believes she's committed crimes of the heart?


"I told you, I don't need help. It was nothing."

"If it was nothing, then it shouldn't be such a big deal to explain it to me." He exuded the thick musk of testosterone, the super-potent variety that would've busted the balls of a less alpha male. As a raven-shifter, she wasn't as responsive to scents as some others, but the heady aroma got her high. She resisted the urge to tilt toward him and breathe in deep, drinking him in.

Arabia pinned him with an unwavering stare. "You seem to be missing the finer point here, Chase Earl"—she pronounced it hurl—"Baron. My business is none of your business."

A ferocious scowl stormed his handsome face. Chase despised his middle name with a fiery passion. He guarded his second name like a dirty secret. Professionally, he used his middle initial, which appeared on all his legal documents except his birth certificate. No one outside of his immediate family and closest friends even knew what that E stood for. According to family legend, Chase's mother had insisted on Earl over his father's protests. Beverly Baron: a sadistic, sarcastic, wonderful woman Arabia adored above all other prospective mothers-in-law in the whole wide world. Bev's sheer awesomeness exceeded measurement.

"What's your game?" Chase jutted his strong jaw, but he persisted, ignoring her attempt to bait him.

She threw up her hands. "Gah! Where do you get off? This isn't a game!"

"Everything is a game with you, Arabia." The way he said her name implied intimacy, but the hardened gleam in his eyes conveyed a pointed challenge.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Faithless by Laura Legend

Cassandra Jones has never been that good with people. She's blunt. She's a terrible barista. To let off steam, she prefers kickboxing to yoga.

And then she learns that her life has been a lie.

Magic is real. Vampires hunt the living.

And her mother's death was no accident.

Now Cass is in the crosshairs thanks to her newfound powers as a Seer—an extremely rare ability within the magical world.

Caught up in an ancient battle, Cass must decide who to trust as she races against time to stop the leader of the Lost vampires before he becomes too powerful.

But things aren't always black and white.

Sometimes you have to kill the vampires.

And sometimes you want to keep one alive.


With blazing speed, backlit by a crack of lightning, he rushed her, leading with his shoulder, looking to tackle her.

Normally, Cass wouldn’t have stood a chance. But as he made his move, she felt the heat flare through her body again. With her eyes focused and her vision clear, time slowed to a crawl. Rather than ducking or trying to slip to the side, Cass took a running step toward the vampire, met him halfway, and vaulted neatly over his back, sending him sprawling.

Key fob still in hand, she popped the trunk of her car before she’d even landed. She took the landing in stride and, before the guy could even get to his feet, she was already pulling a sword from the trunk of her car.

Now who’s in charge, asshole, she thought as she brandished her sword.

This last guy was back on his feet now. His eyes flashed with fear and anger when he saw the sword and she grinned back at him.

But this only lasted a moment before he started laughing.

What the hell?

Case looked down at the sword in her hand.

It was a padded practice sword.

What was she going to do, tickle him with it?

The guy was on top of her in the blink of an eye, batting the sword from her hand and pinning her against the rear of her car. He seemed even larger than he had been a moment before. She tried to knee him in the balls but he blocked her blow.

His teeth shone in the dark and he leaned in toward her. Was he going to bite her?

He really does think he’s a vampire! What the hell?!

Cass knew she only had a moment left to act. Shifting all her weight, she stomped on his foot, knocking him off balance, and then used that momentum to flip their positions. Now he was pinned against the back of her car, leaning back into the open space of her trunk. With one hand on his throat, Cass reached over him and grabbed the trunk lid. She smashed the trunk lid down onto his face again and again.

That’s gonna leave a mark.

And it did. But it didn’t seem to slow him down. It only seemed to make him angrier.

He roared back at her and, as she leaned past him to root in the trunk for some other kind of weapon, he tossed her into the air. Cass flew backwards and landed hard on her back, knocking the wind out of her.

The guy moved to pin to her to the ground before she could recover but froze mid-stride. His eyes were locked on her right hand.

Case had found what she was looking for in the trunk: a razor sharp katana.

In one smooth motion, Cass flipped back onto her feet. Time slowed even more. The guy didn’t even have time to react. Swinging the sword through a tight round, she screamed at the top of her lungs and then, with one decisive stroke, separated the man’s head from his body.

She squinted her eyes and turned away, expecting blood to jet everywhere. But, instead, the man just burst into a cloud of chalky ash. In this gale, what was left of him was gone before she could register what had happened.

Cass blinked, struggling to make sense of what had just happened.

“Huh,” Cass said to herself out loud. “I guess they really were vampires.”

As quickly as it had come, Cass felt all the heat and strength drain right out of her. It was like someone had pulled the plug from the bottom of the tub.

She dropped to her hands and knees in the middle of the street. She felt sick. The rain was still pouring.

The other two vampires had, in the meantime, disappeared entirely.

Cass felt her vision cloud and her weak eye lose focus.

But in that moment, just before her eye returned entirely to normal, something else happened: time stopped entirely. It was like she’d slid sideways, for just an instant, outside the normal flow of time. In that frozen moment, Cass had a vision of her mother. Or, rather, Cass had a vision in which she was her mother.

She saw, from her mother’s perspective, that bright summer morning when the two of them had sat on ten-year-old Cass’s bed and her mother had squeezed her hand and given her the pendant that she wore to this day. Her mother made her swear—literally, swear with an oath—to care for this pendant with her life.

At the time, Cass had been enthralled by the necklace. But seeing this scene from her mom’s perspective, she could see what she’d taken for granted at the time. She could feel how much her mom loved and trusted her. She could feel the strength of her hand. She could feel how deep her hopes ran for her.

And then the vision ended.

Time started again.

And Cass was alone in the middle of the wet street, clutching her pendant in one hand, crying.

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Just 1 More

I can't resist a great read and my friends always write the best books.

Take a look and see if you find anything you like.


Take one protective, growly shifter.
Add his fated mate, a sassy woman who awakens his bear.
Stir in a marriage of convenience, a remote cabin in the woods and let simmer...

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Wolf Pack Newsletter - 8/22/2018


Lions, wolves, players.

Featuring Running Wild (The Real Werewives of Alaska), Rescue Me (Sawtooth Shifters), and Wanted by the Lion (Colorado Shifters).

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When the devilishly handsome Luke Snow shows up at the clinic with a wounded teen, she’s intensely drawn to him. His alpha male personality is exactly what she doesn’t want in a man. But Snow may be the only one to turn to when the nightmares become reality.

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A passionate one-night-stand in a strange hotel room, a heat of the moment bite… and one missing mate. Desperate to find the woman who could be the key to their happiness, Dylan and Carter turn to the Paranormal Dating Agency for help. If Gerri can find Jade and bring them all together, there’s a happily ever after waiting.

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Feast of Reverence is 1st and FR*EE

Serena served as an assassin for centuries. Lately, the only thing she wants to eliminate is her relationship with Nicholai—until he’s accused of murdering his human descendant. As the body count rises, Serena and Nicholai are forced to work together to track down the killer before it's too late.

Out of the Shadows is 1st and FR*EE

Devon will do anything to protect his little sister from becoming a breeder, even if it means starting a war. As battle lines are drawn, Devon’s alpha instincts take over, and he must fight to keep the ones he loves safe, especially the woman who has stolen his heart.

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Interview with Decadent Kane

Decadent Kane

Can you believe it's the middle of August already? I recently went on vacation to Yellowstone for the first time, and I live in Wyoming, it was a big deal. I loved seeing the painted pots and all the wonderful scenery. But I missed being around my readers online, so I'm happily jumping in with both feet with all of you!

If you don't know much about me, here's the highlights: My name stems from an online burlesque name generator (best pen name ever). I write sexy elves, shifters, and demons. And last and possibly the most important thing you can know about me... Dean Winchester is my obsession.


What sparked the idea for your first (or latest) series?

I spoke with another author about a mutli-author series, one where books are written around a basic them, like Zodiac Shifters, and then each book stands alone so they don't have to be read in order. I loved this idea. But they take it a step further and try to make it more than a normal wolf shifter or something common (though those exist as well). So I researched some myths and fell in love with the Chimera myth. The research sparked characters to come to life in my head...and my Dark Khimairan series was born. 

Only the Khimairan lore in my books, is like nothing you have ever heard before. *winks*

He's the leader of the Khimairan shifters and that won't save him from turning primal. Once his beast takes over…there's no coming back. Unless he can find his mate before he turns, killing everyone he holds dear. When Bailey walks into his life, he thought he'd found everything he needed as his Leo zodiac mark was invoked. However, she wants nothing to do with Khimairan shifters and knows nothing of her real heritage...


What are your top 5 song picks for a writing session?

Songs? Well... I don't listen to music during a writing session. I actually need a lot of quiet to sit and write. I can't even handle basic background noise like the TV being on etc... 

In that sense I actually envy the semi quiet life of my elves. Especially Joren, my elf pirate captain. He can sail away, and while the water may be rough, he has the peace he needs. Well at least until he meets his mate and he realizes land can have just as much to offer, as long as her stole isn't stolen in the process of trying to win her over.

When Pepper set out for the day, the last thing she expected was to come face to face with a pirate. But when she locks eyes with the Captain, she's ready to let him pillage or plunder whatever he wants. At least until his drow shipmate decided to steal her for himself.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonAU   AmazonCA

Nook   iBooks   Kobo


Who would you pick to play one of your heros in a movie? Why?

To play one of my heroes...I think the hero would have to be Reed from Tempting Clover, one of my sexy elf books. And I'd pick... Jensen Ackles. 

Come on...can't you just imagine an elf...who owns a bar... and the lead female, Clover, gets him all hot and bothered only to leave him hanging, unzipped in front of customers while she disappears into the nether... Yummy. Giggles. He'd be splendid as an elf. Okay- maybe it's because I'm obsessed with Dean Winchester...

Reed's life was simple, own a bar, walk to work, fight a little. He didn't expect to tangle with a wanton elfess who disappeared on him not once but twice. Let alone save her from a depraved goblin. He'd sworn off women like her for good, so why did he feel the need to protect her?


What's next?

Up next is a new series. Last year I was asked last minute to participate in a boxed set. I had a single week to write a story- 2 weeks to get it edited and have it turned in by the end of week 4. Because of the short time frame- I created a shortened version of the story I really wanted to tell. 

Now I have the rights back and I added a whole bunch of story details, finished plot pieces, and character stuff to round out the story. It's about a Siberian Dragon who has his scales stolen. His mate ends up being the broker for the people trying to sell said scales on the darknet. And she has a fun way of getting his attention...which includes using her mirage magic to look exactly like him. Shifting Facade is the first book in my Siberian Paradox series and is currently available for pre-order. It will release October 2018.

After Grigori's dragon scales are stolen, he catches a lead in Paradox City. The culprit? A sassy little thing who masquerades as him to make a sale! He might have found that adorable if she hadn't taken his dragon powers too. Intrigued by the female's abilities, Grigori set his sight on claiming what is rightfully his, and in the process, the female just might find her way to her knees...



> HERE <

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Wolf Pack Newsletter - 8/15/2018

99¢ SALE

When safety manager, Nessa Caspian, learns the mining inspector, Kyle Harper, has to shut down her family’s legacy, she’s livid—that is until she realizes the super hot man is her future mate. Well crap. Now what is she supposed to do? Bite him?

Check prices before you buy.

99¢ ~ FR*EE in KU

Roar is a rare Phoenix shifter - a nearly extinct race starting to emerge from isolation. Treva has been imprisoned in labs. Two awkward people with strong feelings - will they figure it out amid all the danger surrounding them?

Check prices before you buy.


Genevieve finds herself completely out her element thanks to Gerri Wilder from the Paranormal Dating Agency. Cougar shifter Brooks Adler doesn’t expect a city slicker to show up on his doorstep expecting all the amenities of a high end spa. With a little coaxing, Genevieve might let her guard down and life on the ranch might be to her liking.

Check prices before you buy.



Fleeing a stalker ex, Cora heads into the shifter state of Cascadia with one thing on her mind: freedom. She's not looking for love, no matter how sexy the men of Cascadia might be... Rugged, sexy bear shifters Ash and Hunter are mates. Their lives are perfect, except for one thing: they need a woman to complete their triad. 

Check prices before you buy.



Step 1: Summon demon to find kidnapped sister. 

Step 2: Curse the gods because said demon turns out to be a hot mess.

Step 3: Resist the demon’s irreverent charm by—wait, where did my panties go?

Check prices before you buy.

Anna Lowe is giving away 4 copies of ALPHA PASSIONS: 4 Steamy, Suspenseful Paranormal Romances!

click here


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Bear the Consequences is 1st and FR*EE

Alasdair isn't focused on finding his mate. He only has one thing on his mind - avenging his sister. Until he meets his fated mate, Finley. She accepts Alasdair's mark without a second thought but soon learns of the grudge her new mate's family has against her father. Will she have to bear the consequences of his mistake?