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Rescue Bear: Cortez by J.K. Harper

When Haley's life imploded, first she hid for a long time. Now's she's finally on the upswing again, ready to create a new life for herself and find her balance. Leaving everything behind for a fresh start, she landed in the mountain shifter town of Deep Hollow, home to the Silvertip bear clan. She's never before met a bear shifter. But when she meets mammoth-sized, impossibly attractive Cortez Walker, everything she ever thought she knew about men is turned breathtakingly upside down from his first inviting smile.

Cortez is a thrill-seeker who used to live life on a risky edge. But a terrible accident proved that everything can change in a split second. Haunted by his failure to protect those who needed it, now he struggles to find peace again even as he doubts everything he's ever been able to do. Then he meets Haley. Now he faces the biggest risk of all: opening his heart and claiming her as his mate. He's up to the challenge—but first he'll have to prove he's ready to be her rescue bear.


One pivotal scene could alter the course of Haley Adams' entire life. It needed to be the best damn one she'd ever written.

Fingers poised over the keyboard, immersed in the climax of the book in which the heroine was about to rescue the hero after he'd been cold-cocked by the bad guys when he'd come to rescue her, her pulse thrummed wildly. This was it, the magic was about to happen, she could just feel i—


“Shit!” Haley whacked her knee on the underside of the table and almost fell out of her chair.

Someone pounded on the front door so loud it sounded like they were planning to bring the thunder right into the house. Her heart joined her pulse, galloping hard enough she was half afraid it might jump out of her chest. She looked at the big grandfather clock in the corner of the living room. Six-thirty in the morning. Who was out there scaring the crap out of her at freaking six-thirty in the morning? Making her lose focus on the book she had to finish, or else she'd lose the tiny toehold she'd fought so hard to gain during this past year of shitasticness?

A-ha. She remembered now. The property manager had told her he would come over today to fix a slow leaking pipe in the upstairs bathroom. Great. She hadn't thought he'd meant this early. Or that he wouldn't call her first to let her know he was on his way. Sighing as real life took over the made-up-but-oh-so-real-feeling one she'd been working on, she took a quick glance down at her clothes.

Oh, fabulous. She was wearing her favorite ratty orange robe over her fleece jammy bottoms, the red ones that had little purple and black penguins sprinkled all over. Better yet, she also had her big old fuzzy moose slippers, complete with antlers and huge eyes, shoved onto her feet. They were her good luck ones that she liked to wear when she was writing.

Basically, she looked like a disheveled madwoman.

Oh, well. She'd met the guy the day she came to town, when he'd shown her the house she would be sitting for a year while the owners, his parents, traveled around the world. He had struck her as polite, professional, and totally uninterested in her. Which was completely fine by her. After she'd had her entire life blown up last year, men were the last thing on her mind. All she cared about right now was working hard to write the best damned book of her career. It was clear all he cared about was making sure any handiwork that needed to be done to his parents' house while they were gone got taken care of. So neither one of them should care about her hair or her unfortunate choice in sleepwear. Plus, it was six-thirty in the morning. What else should she be wearing?

Automatically smoothing her hands over her hair anyway, she frowned harder as she realized it was in a ridiculously messy bun caught at the nape of her neck. Great. But she shrugged as she went to the door. Writers at work looked scruffy and neglected sometimes. Dude would have to deal.

BAM BAM BAM! She jumped again mid-stride as the pounding sounded once more, even louder. It sounded like it could crack the door in two.

So rude. Now she was just plain irritated. "Hold your horses!" As she yanked open the door, she started to say in a pointed voice, "You know, there's a perfectly good doorbell—oh!” She chopped off her words. “You're not the property manager." She stared at the mountain of a man standing outside the door.

Big, huge mountain man with golden-brown eyes and muscles that bulged out even from beneath his tawny shearling jacket. Hoooly shit. He was really, really big. Light brown hair cropped close, a bristly beard that spread over his lower cheekbones and chin that she really wanted to scrape her fingers through to feel the scratch of it, eyes that gazed steadily at her from beneath a tussle of eyebrows. Jeans that fit him well, scuffed up but nice cowboy boots on his feet, a collared blue checked shirt that opened up just enough at his neck to show skin. Did she mention that he was huge? He took up the entire doorway, which was already supersized. Wow. Bear shifters sure did make for big humans.

He stared back at her, seeming just as surprised to see her. A beat up black toolbox he held in one hand bumped gently against his thigh. There was a moment while they both just looked at one another, Haley's mouth open. Finally he shook his head, still looking at her like she was spotted with purple dots. "Not the property manager, no. I'm his brother. Cortez. He had something come up, couldn't make it. Said there's a leaky pipe that needs fixing?" His voice rumbled through her like dark gravel, shuddering through her body and sending sweet chills dancing up and down her skin that had nothing to do with the cold air outside.

Just 1 More - 3/29/18

I can't resist a great read and my friends always write the best books.

Take a look and see if you find anything you like.


Being surrogate father to his strong-willed niece, and running his own woodworking and restoration business, keeps Tyler more than busy. When a charity auction at Ventures provides the opportunity to spend time tied up with the submissive both he and his cat have been lusting after, he can’t resist the call to do good and possess her at the same time.

When unforeseen circumstances and a family crisis strike in the midst of a dangerous storm, Tyler has to come to terms with his inner cat and the mate that could be torn from his arms forever. Some things are worth fighting for -- and fur is about to fly...


Parsley Walker didn't want to fall in love. She wanted to pour coffee, serve flapjacks, and forget that she could read minds. She wanted to be a ghost in a waitress's uniform. But then fate walked in... And he had dark hair and a dark mood, and he looked at her like she was the only woman in the world.

And, to him, she was....

Sirens are cursed to lives of jealousy and selfishness, so David Michaels lives by one rule: no relationships. Having a one-night stand with a sexy stranger sounded good at the time. The last thing he expected was for her show up seven years later, claiming his very sick little brother is the long-lost next alpha of the Boulder pride... His enemy.

David must take his little brother back to his own family to cure him. But if David loses him, he loses his humanity -- and sets off a war with the Boulder pride. Not a great time to fall in love with the alpha's daughter...

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Divine Ambrosia by Vivienne Savage

Reese is feisty, beautiful and confident, and she might even be Adrian’s mate, except…she doesn’t know about the dragon. Now he has to decide whether to reveal himself or risk losing both her and his corporation. However, he just might lose himself if he lets the dragon consume him...


In the week since their dating disaster, Esme had managed to avoid Luke without even a brief sighting. She’d half expected to run into him Monday between classes or at lunch, but he hadn’t popped up once to bother her, nor had he appeared the next day during her usual study session between classes.
Was it possible she’d overreacted, or had he lost interest because she didn’t plan to bone him in his car?
Snow crunched behind her, and a familiar tingle raced up her spine, raising the hairs on her nape. Her pulse thundered behind her ribs at a staccato beat, ferocious as a galloping herd.
She glanced back over her shoulder but saw no one. Several shops remained open, but everyone was wisely inside where it was warm. Waving it off as snow falling from a roof, she continued on her way, until another crunch drew her attention. This time, she swore she caught sight of a shadow further back down the way. As the panic attack subsided, she looked back again after several more feet, and this time she made out a hulking figure in a dark coat.
Esme tugged her purse around to her front and slipped her cell phone out. She thumbed the recent call log and phoned her friend. “Marie,” she hissed when the line picked up. “I think there’s some strange dude following me.”
“What? Why are you calling me? Call the police.”
“But what if I’m wrong? I’ll look like an idiot.”
“Better to look like an idiot than end up in some bad man’s sex dungeon.”
“What the fuck? Sex dungeon? How does your mind jump to—you know what? Nevermind.”
“Where are you?”
“Edge of Spruce and Main by the university library.”
“Come to the cafe. Do you want me to tell Frank some guy was harassing you and send him out?”
Esme sagged in relief. Officer Frank would do anything for Marie, especially if it scored him a shot at getting into her panties. “Yes, please.”
“All right, I’ll—shit. He’s already in his cruiser and driving away.”
At this hour, few tourists wandered the streets and most of the souvenir shops had long ago closed for the day. Nothing stirred on her corner of the street save a stray cat merrily prancing across a dirty mountain of snow created by the plows. The shadowed figure was gone.
“I am losing my damned mind. I’m freaking out over nothing. It’s well lit, and if I can’t bumble my way a couple blocks to the cafe in the safest, most open part of town, maybe I deserve to be snatched.”
“You sure?”
“Okay. Love you, girl. I’ll have a bowl of chili waiting when you get here.”
“Make it a bread bowl. With extra cheese. I want more than a damn pinch this time.”
“Extra cheese,” Marie agreed.
Esme ended the call and continued down the road, shivering inside her coat. The wind cut through her gloves and numbed her fingers to the bone.
The growl of a rumbling engine echoed up the street. Esme peered over her shoulder and caught sight of a motorcycle coming around the corner a few blocks down. In this weather, she couldn't imagine how anyone could enjoy driving without a heater or walls to block out the wind.
Speaking of which, she was ready to be out of the cold herself. With hands tucked in her pockets, she continued up the sidewalk at a quick pace.
“Hey there,” a deep, husky voice called out.
She darted her gaze to the left. The biker coasted at her speed, a big man in a leather jacket and black-visored headgear designed to resemble an old Grecian helmet, complete with a scarlet brush comb on top. Despite the temptation to ask him about it, she picked up the pace and pushed on through the bitter cold.
“Oh, come on, can’t you at least say hello?”
“Great, so she does speak. Pretty girl like you shouldn’t be walking alone at this hour.”
She grunted. He sounded like her dad, his tone oddly paternal… No, not paternal, warm and protective but not paternal. Marie was always telling her about street harassment and creepy old guys hitting on her when she visited her family in Sacramento, but Esme had never experienced it herself.
He paused the bike at the street corner while she waited for a long car to pass through the intersection. “I hear the recent influx of tourists have brought all kinds of shit to town. There’s perverts out,” he persisted.
“Are you one of them?” The words flew from her lips before she could reel them in.
The stranger chuckled and pulled off his helmet. Dark hair tumbled out around his shoulders, framing a face equal parts rugged and handsome, not as pretty and flawless as Luke, but breathtaking in its own kind of way, his bright blue eyes above a crooked nose that looked like it had once been broken and hadn’t set right.
Esme stared, as petrified by his resemblance to the warrior of her dream as she was aroused by it. It had to be coincidence.

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Wet Kisses by Susan Griscom (new Zodiac Shifters)

A shifter’s mate is in the stars…

Welcome to Zodiac Shifters, a collection of books with an astrological spin on love.

From Aries to Virgo… discover all-new tales of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

Reese is feisty, beautiful and confident, and she might even be Adrian’s mate, except…she doesn’t know about the dragon. Now he has to decide whether to reveal himself or risk losing both her and his corporation. However, he just might lose himself if he lets the dragon consume him...

Nook     iBooks     Kobo

NOTE:  This book releases on 3/20, at midnight Eastern time.


I almost wished the woman standing before me was about forty years older, with short, gray hair and was somebody’s beloved grandmother. Not the beautiful creature I’d been thinking about for the past two days. Though, now that I found her, I wasn’t about to simply ignore the chemistry igniting between us. Yes, I felt it. Had she? The fact that she was in my employment should deter my desires, but it was difficult to ignore her stunning green gaze as she perused the room. I sighed, remembering the vision of her standing on the edge of the boat, her hair dripping, her clothes wet and clinging to each and every voluptuous curve on her body.

Glancing at the tan leather sofa to my right, I pictured her lying there, her blouse opened, her breasts bare, nipples tight and still wet from the attention I was giving them. I towered over her, bracing one arm on the back of the couch, the other on the edge of the seat, while I pressed into her again and again at a punishing pace … I needed to know how she tasted.

The dragon within me shifted with amusement and caused a flutter in my stomach. Though probably keeping my dick in my pants was the better choice here. At least for the time being. I pivoted on my feet and headed for the door, then paused as the impulsive side of me surfaced. That damn dragon.

“I’ll need you at dinner tonight.”

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Just 1 More - 3/15/18

I can't resist a great read and my friends always write the best books.

Take a look and see if you find anything you like.



Felicity Forrest has the perfect job as an investigative blogger for Everyday Supernatural. Her new assignment is to arrive the Aran Islands and find out whether a pĂșca shape shifter is responsible for the strange accidents haunting a construction site. Niall O’Leary is tall, broody, and totally alpha. His mission is to discover why the veil between the human world and the Realm has lifted. Passion and frustration ignite when the two meet. There’s only one problem… She just got out of a relationship that left her broken hearted. Is she ready for a second chance at love?


 99c SALE 

Avery loves the prospect of visiting Scarya with her cousin and boyfriend. Adventure and romance surely await in this exotic country. Instead, war breaks out, and Avery ends up with an ancient sword everyone is dying to possess. Scarya isn’t just a foreign land – the more time Avery is trapped there, the more she learns about her past. Her ancestors originated there, and one of them brought an enchanted crystal with him from space. She never expected an alien to ruin her vacation, but sometimes the past has a way of reappearing...



When witch Merle MacKenna unleashes the demon Rhun from the Shadows to find her kidnapped sister, she gets more than she bargained for. Rhun is hellbent on charming his way into her pants—and her heart—to win his freedom, but his plan backfires as he starts falling for the witch he meant to play.

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