Monday, September 26, 2016

Wolf Pack Fr-eebie Fest! Sept 28 - 30 2016

The Wolf Pack authors have put together a BRAND NEW bunch of *NEW* FR-EE reads... just for you! 

Don't forget to scroll down to enter the giveaway - 4 winners will each receive a $25 gift card!

Sale ends Friday!

REMEMBER: Check prices before you buy. They can change without notice.  
If you see a book that isn't FR*EE, please check back later as price changes may be delayed.

Going from pack zero to hero isn't easy...even if it means finding your mate.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonCA

A wild wolf, a sexy as sin shifter, and a bond they couldn't deny.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonCA

Nook   iBooks   Kobo

A cougar's claim will not be denied.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonCA

A were-bear on a galactic search for a mate, and a human woman who holds the key to his survival.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonCA

Can they put their differences aside and stop fighting long enough to help those in the line of fire?

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonCA

Arrogant billionaire seduces virgin PA. Dragoness breathes fire, declines marriage, demands love.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonCA

I'll either be Nash's secret weapon--or the downfall of his coven.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonCA

Stranded on an alien world, Wendy must save her crew with the help of the alien natives.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonCA

Be thrilled and chilled by these tales set in Salem—the ultimate city for witchy and shape-shifting fun.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonCA

It's not professional to mate with your alien bounty.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK

She's a powerful witch used for her magic and he's the warrior that wants to capture her heart.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonCA

Can their combined magic, all the love that they have and a faith in all they hold dear be enough to defeat the evil that’s sworn to destroy them all?

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonCA

An expected hero comes home.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonCA

Her arrow pierced his centaur heart, but captured his human one.

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Are you ready to have your toes curled? One curvy, sexy woman plus two handsome Alpha wolf shifters = scorching, hot menage romance!

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Second chances don’t come often and Rhea is determined to embrace her freedom.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonCA

She's on the run and he was sent to kill her, but fate has a different plan in store for time.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonCA

A grown up Red meets her big bad wolf.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonCA

A dragon's love is eternal.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonCA

Nook   iBooks   Kobo   GooglePlay

Running from the mob, Mia meets, Dominic, a sexy werewolf. Having a human mate is forbidden, yet she will be his.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonCA

Spies, Lies and Lust Meet the angel blooded assassin Holiday

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonCA

A she-dragon about to lose it all, and a hunky hero who refuses to let her.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonCA

A single touch by a powerful elven king could reveal a secret Princess Miriel and her family have desperately kept for over a century.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonCA

A forbidden romance between a gargoyle shifter and tree witch on a mystical island.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonCA

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Just Playing Around

I found this free video tool and spent a few minutes making this. Interesting. It's not completely plug and play. You don't have a ton of ability to tailor pictures and how the program works, so you have to pick the exact right pictures. Still, it's fun, free and easy.

Monday, September 12, 2016

KU for Today, No Promises for Tomorrow

I want to throw up. I've just moved all three of my Huntsville Pack novels into Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon is winning the market with KU. How do I know?

Look at what other retailers are doing...

1. iBooks' last promotion invitation required books to have a minimum of a hundred reviews. Which I have, easy, just not on iBooks. I'm not alone in that either, and if you're new, how are you going to claw your way into a promotion?

Well, first you have to get on their email list, which good luck with that. I have funneled dozens upon dozens of authors into iBooks' system, but I've never seen another author do that. (And, no I'm not currently collecting emails.)

To get a foot—wait, make that a pinkie toe— in the door at iBooks, you must go to a conference and network or have an author friend who is willing to get you in. Oh and make sure your book breaks out on iBooks so it gets 100 reviews ASAP. (Tip: iBooks readers don't review as much as Amazon readers. So good luck with that.)

2. Want to be a bestseller in your genre? Target Kobo. As of last week, for around 50 sales you'll be a bestselling big deal in your book's genre. You might even be able to buy a pizza with your earnings. Or, at least a cup of coffee. (This means to hit their top 100 you need a couple hundred sales, but if rank in your genre peaks at 50 sales, where are those other couple hundred sales going to come from? The readers aren't there! Literally!)

3. Nook makes me want to ugly cry and have Victorian era hysterics. They're a great market for ebooks, but they are dying. Rapidly. 95% of my books have hit the top 100 on Nook dating back to 2012. A few years ago you needed 300-500 sales to hit the top 100. Now, it's around a 100-150. The sales volume isn't there anymore.

4. a black hole. Your books go in and you hope money comes out. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. And then, they fark up your pricing (even though you marked it up per all the charts floating around in indieland), resulting in all sorts of alarming emails from Amazon.

There is no mid-list on these retailer sites. There is top and bottom and almost nothing in between. Outside of Bookbub, there is no mechanism of discoverability. KU, however, has discoverability tools, rank boosts for books in its program and there is a mid-list.

So go make money in KU then, right? Well, yes and no. Authors pay a price for KU. It's not an altruistic system to benefit the arts.

Think about this: Do you want to be a USA Today or NY Times bestselling author? If you do, guess what? Low sales volume or Nook just outright dying makes that almost impossible to achieve. To hit bestseller lists your book needs to be published wide and there needs to be some semblance of sales volume for it to count. USAT and NYT curate their lists. You have to have strong sales across the board so they don't pass you by for someone else who is selling better outside of Amazon than you are.

In the past, Nook was the most reliable source of sales volume outside of Amazon for anyone hoping to make a list. That's eroding pretty damn fast.  Where are you going to get your non-Amazon sales from for a bestseller list run?

Seriously, where?

KU is changing the entire game.

All the old problems remain:

-It's a book prison. Authors can't list books anywhere but Amazon while we're in KU.
-The royalty rate and paid-for-page-reads scheme are not equitable.
-The royalties are gamed by spammers constantly, stealing millions of dollars from the shared pot every month.
-If KU doesn't suck for long books, it sucks for short books. There is always a book length that loses in KU. (Do you want art controlled by such arbitrary metrics? Don't bother to answer that, Amazon doesn't care what any of us think. eBooks are data driven now. Either get with the data, or get left behind.)

But now, we may be in the process of losing access to bestseller lists, too.

Further, the next pain point is coming. Here's how internet businesses work: They need something from people, so they pay well enough to make it attractive to get folks to do what they want. Once they hit their internal benchmarks, they cut or suspend pay. I've seen it happen over and over again. Tomorrow is never promised in ecommerce or epublishing. Authors are expendable pawns in a larger game.

With weakening sales on other retailers,  Amazon can further cut payments in KU as well as reduce royalties across the board. There is no check and balance. So you can bet, once they hit whatever internal goal they are aiming for, authors will be the ones paying for it. It's just a question of when.

What's an author to do? Sell books while you can. That's all you can do. I stayed wide as long as I could because I didn't want this to happen, but there's no fighting the forces at play in the market anymore, they're too big. Sell what books you can before it all goes sideways yet again.

I think that we are moving out of ebook retailer sales completely and into alternative models of distribution like KU. Look where the growth is. It's in KU and Wattpad. Not iBooks or Googleplay or any other bookseller.

Wattpad is using ads to pay authors.  It's all about free content now and authors are either paid by the page read or via advertising.

The race to the bottom is done. Now we see who survives.

Tomorrow is never promised.

PS: And yes there are always outliers. But for every one person I find doing well wide, I have 10 who aren't. The ratio needs to flip before you'll convince me I'm wrong. Three years ago it was flipped. Lots of people did well. Now, lots of people don't. (Or the person who is wide is growing, but in increments of like, $20, which is great, but it's not evidence of there being big money on retailers outside of Amazon.)

If you'd like to read a happier post, I have this one about hitting the top 100 free on Amazon. It's full of tips for those of you who haven't hit this milestone yet.

If you want more industry analysis like this, I have an irregular marketing newsletter where I pass on the tidbits I find.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Free Read Finds...

Check out these two freebies that I found this week!

Remember! Always check prices before you buy! It's free at the time of posting but that can change!

Monica La Porta


Gaia and Elios: separated by fate, united by a love so pure it crosses the universe.

In rainy Seattle, Gaia finally meets the man of her dreams, but he proves to be... otherworldly. Meanwhile, in her field of studies, what starts as an interesting archeological finding about a six-fingered human image, soon evolves into the discovery of the millennium, but not where Earth is concerned.

Loved by the Dragon
Vivienne Savage


Chloe's weekend getaway doesn't go according to plan when she's trapped in a cave with a gorgeous, golden-eyed rescuer named Saul. His fiery secret and a hot, one-night stand will set in motion events able to change her life forever.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Wolf Pack 99 Cent Sale & Giveaway! Sept 7 - 9 2016

Fall into a good book with the Wolf Pack authors!

All the reads below are 99¢ or f*r*e*e!

Scroll to the bottom of this page for a special giveaway!

Sale ends Friday!

REMEMBER:  Check prices before you buy. They can change without notice.

Find your fantasy Alpha lover in these sizzling paranormal romances filled with danger and desire.

When you love a dragon, don't get burned.

A dragon, a wolf and the biggest gamble of their lives.

A dark, sexy vampire wants me--bad.

Ten sexy stories to heat up your Kindle - featuring six bears, three wolves & one dragon!

She's lucky he's a charmer; he's lucky she doesn't bite...much.

Paramedical meets paranormal: Shifters, Werewolves, Vampires, and More!

Four sisters wielding the power of the elements, four men vowed to protect them. One mother’s quest to destroy them.

Prophecy is a bitch: a Novel of the Fallen Angels

A half vampire starts college, but a sexy traveller disrupts her plans...

A were-bear on a galactic search for his curvy mate.

A sexy veteran who really flies to the rescue.

A deadly predator and a fierce protector but when Fate's involved, not even Jaxon can fight Destiny.

A tavern owner + a sexy shifter outlaw = Smoking, hot paranormal romance!

She deserved better than his tainted soul, but he'd never let her go.

For those that like just a little spice to those that like it steaming hot, our 15 authors have collaborated to bring you the best in paranormal romance.

Passions flare when the cold moon rises…

My scars tell the story my lips dare not utter...

Salem has never been hotter!

Clashing shifter clans, a dangerous secret, and a couple caught in the middle.

Fire and Ice collide when a human meets her sexy dragon mates

Today's Hottest Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Reads

Shifters & Spice and everything... yummy!

Torn between the prince she must marry and the man she desires, Savvy must choose and find forgiveness for her sister's betrayal.

Seventeen Paranormal Romances of Sexy Shifters, Dangerous Vamps, & Things That Go Bump in the Night


Alpha bearshifter earns second-chance at love with his curvy fated mate.

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