Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Savage Chase by Cecilia Lane

Men are trouble. Mates are worse. Colette needs the protection of the only man who tempts her to break the rules. Ruthless shifter Dash will prove she's his, once and for all. A romance with claws.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Dragon Burning Bright has been nominated for a RONE!

I'm delighted to share that this novella has been nominated for a RONE! This is my first nomination ever and if you'd like to read the book before reader voting starts, the links and book details are below. :)
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Michelle Fox...making spontaneous human combustion sexy.
Adara Brenton thinks she's an average girl: single and dreaming of romance. Also? In need of a job. As it turns out, horking up fireballs at work is the fast track to unemployment.
Yes. Fireballs.
See, in her family, spontaneous human combustion is red hair, only, you know, fatal, and now it's her turn to burn. What she doesn't know is the fire inside her is a legacy and the only way to survive is to be brave enough to claim it.
Endre Felman has lived deep inside a mountain for centuries, adding to his hoard and looking for his mate. Meeting Adara before she goes up in smoke gives him hope, but convincing her dragons are real, that he's the dragon of her heart, and keeping her alive through what's to come proves to be more difficult than he ever imagined. She fights him at every turn, resisting their shared destiny.
In the end, they may both burn to ash because no dragon lives forever without love.
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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Hidden Power by Fiona Starr

A shifter, three sexy mages, and an Elemental with magic thought to be extinct… what could possibly go wrong?

Secrets and Sorcery by Lori Whyte

Ever since her magics manifested, Avery Hawk was taught to hide her abilities from the Witch and Warlock world. After all, turning into a cat isn't exactly a typical magic. But when her brother is kidnapped following a black magic attack, she risks everything to find him, including turning to a man in the heart of the world she's always shunned.

Conrad by Mckayla Schutt

He’s determined to make her his mate. She’s scared of giving up her heart to a player. Will Conrad convince Alisha everything will work or will they lose total control?

Voices & Vision by Lashell Collins

A psychic so powerful his abilities come at a cost. A woman so special she alone has the power to touch him.

Magic is the New Black by D.A. Stein

Shifters, witches, vampires, psychics, fae, mages, monsters, murderers, and more fill the cells in this collection. Some have committed the most heinous of magical crimes. Others have been imprisoned unjustly. However they landed in lockup, the supernatural bad boys and girls incarcerated in these never-before-published tales come up against wicked wardens, corrupt guards, and powerful inmates.