Thursday, February 9, 2023

Sneak Peeks of Bound Between

 I put together a few sneak peeks of the next Blood Courtesan book as I was editing. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Bad Magic Rising - New Box Set in KU


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Being a supernatural bounty hunter requires more smarts than magic. Which is lucky for me since my magic is about as good as a leaky cauldron.

When my latest client--a kleptomaniac werewolf--disappears, I'm on the hunt to drag him to justice. It should be a simple track 'em and cuff 'em operation, something I've done a hundred times before.

Instead, I somehow acquire a vampire sidekick, wake up in a ditch, and become Shifter Nation's new chew toy. 

It's not fun, but it's all survivable right up until I'm accused of being in cahoots with my skip trace to steal Witchdom's most wanted magical relic.

Suddenly smart isn't nearly enough to stay alive.

Stephanie Plum meets Twilight...all the fun, twice the fangs. Full length novel.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

One good demon deserves another.

 One good demon deserves another.

Alexis Hawthorne would give anything to have her old life back. Even her role as a demon soldier in Rhiannon's legion of warriors was an improvement over where she is now. Chained up in the Mage Circle's dungeons.

Cole West came to New York with the clothes on his back and a boatload of secrets. Too bad he can’t tell anyone who—and what—he really is. But being sworn to secrecy by the Queen of the Fae means he has to keep his word. Or die.

As Alexis fights to survive, Cole West hasn't given up searching. When he finds the Mage who took her away from him, he’ll burn the Circle to the ground.

Even if it is made out of marble.

Being dead doesn’t mean you can’t recognize a hot shifter when he shows up glowering on your doorstep.



Being dead doesn’t mean you can’t recognize a hot shifter when he shows up glowering on your doorstep.

The Forbidden Fangs tattoo parlor is Marla’s business, her calling, and her hideout as she tries to escape her sire, “The Collector”—a creepy old man who “collects” vampires with special talents. 

As a vampire, she always feels cold, but she’s thinking the best way to warm up would be to snuggle in close to the shifter who just arrived spouting nonsense about her thieving cat, His Lordship King Snugglebumpkins.

Wolf shifter Grayson has two missions in Forbidden: 1) decide whether or not to invest in the bed and breakfast, and 2) find the perfect plush animal for his nephew. But when he meets Marla, his two missions transform to 1) evading her evil cat, and 2) making Marla fall in love with him. 

He seems well on his way to succeeding in his new missions, until an ominous vampire from Marla’s past shows up, and his mission changes once again: protect Marla. She might be undead, but she’s also his mate.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The Reluctant Wolf and his Fated Mate by Lisa Carlisle

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Mates were trouble. That's why Damon would never commit to one.
Even if the temptation is strong...

Sophie escapes to the White Mountains with her friend for a ski weekend. When she skis off trail and gets lost in the mountains, she stumbles into the path of a wolf. Only it's bigger than any she ever thought existed, and it's baring its fangs at her...

Damon has refused to ever find a mate after his father went mad. When Damon meets a woman his wolf recognizes as the one, the call is more difficult to ignore. And when he catches her scent on the mountain, he can't fight it any longer. He tracks her through the forest to ensure she's safe.

Only Sophie has stepped into another pack's territory.

If Damon crosses the boundary, he'll break the treaty between their packs.

Monday, November 30, 2020

99c Dragon Box Set!

Follow three women and the sexy, fearless dragon shifters who'll do anything to claim them! This collection features an arranged marriage, an enemies-to-lovers romance, and more.


What's worse than being hunted down and killed?

Being married to a dragon.


My body wants to say yes to this billionaire dragon shifter.

But to mate Lucas is to condemn him to death.


I thought he was helping me escape...

Instead, he imprisoned me all for himself.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Mates & Mayhem New Boxed Set


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(Nook - coming soon)

Mates and Mayhem includes 12 true mate love stories from New York Times, USA Today, and bestselling paranormal romance authors. These romances will capture your heart and keep you reading long into the night.

Axel: Single Daddy Shifters #1 – Tasha Black
When Delilah is mistaken for a nanny, she plays along… But she never expects to fall for her sexy employer and his adorable son! Axel’s bear craves the beautiful, curvy human — but can the single father convince Delilah that they’re meant to be a family?

The Warlock Lord – Juliana Haygert
When Luana loses the spot of alpha of her pack, she joins forces with Keeran, the only warlock alive. While gearing up to take on the new alpha and reclaim her pack, they discover a hidden warlock coven that wants Keeran to join them. Now the two must decide between their newfound feelings for each other, or their separate destinies.

Roman’s Gold – Ann Gimpel
Devon’s a cop sworn to eradicate shifters. Mountain lion shifter Kate is his latest assignment. She’s the enemy, but he can’t get her out of his mind. As he tracks her, the line between hunter and hunted thins, blurs, and finally shatters.

Kenya Calling – Tori Knightwood

Ryenne is a kick-ass shifter hunter in a world where most shifters are law-abiding, but rogues like to make trouble. When a new client forces her into competition against a sexy French shifter hunter with a dangerous secret, she’ll have to choose to follow her fee or her heart.

First Moon – Michelle Fox
A wildlife rehabilitation specialist, Audrey usually does all the rescuing, but now she's the one who needs help. In ten days, she’ll be covered in fur and howling at the moon while the wolf who bit her is out there, waiting to claim her as his own…whether she wants to be his or not.Into the 

Light – Tami Lund
Despite the animosity between their species, shapeshifter Tanner rescues Lightbearer princess Olivia and heads cross-country to return her safely to her magically hidden home. Easy enough, if only his heart would stop suggesting crazy ideas like slipping down to the beach and stripping her naked and…

Filthy Vandal – Liza Street
Grant, a mountain lion shifter, never should’ve been in the Junkyard. As an enforcer, he was the good guy who dragged the bad guys in. Now that he’s stuck here, though, he has accepted his fate…until Caitlyn shows up.

Taming Her Bear: Beckett – J.K. Harper. 
Beckett can hardly contain his unruly bear on the best of days—until he meets captivating Pix. Although she soothes his savage beast, he can tell she’s hiding something from him, and it threatens to drive his bear mad. Yet the fiery vixen is his mate—and he’ll do whatever it takes to spend the rest of his life with her.

Earth – Zoey Indiana
When Ria and her mother come into his pack’s territory, desperate for protection against the wolf shifters they left behind, Nikolas promises their safety… in exchange for Ria as his mate. With the window of opportunity to mate closing quickly, a traitor is circling in on the Alpha, and with magic no shifter should have, Ria and Nikolas must figure out a way to work together if they want to survive.

Bearly Dreaming - Ellis Leigh
As one world crosses a continent to reach out to another, two kindred souls must find the means to communicate, entrust their deepest secrets in one another, and defy clan law if they are to have a shot at a future. If Nyla can risk trusting the heart of a stranger and Kian can put faith in his visions, they just might have their dreams come true—or die trying.

Night Revelations – Godiva Glenn
Charlotte was raised human, but a chance meeting brought her to a real home among the Lupine—wolf shifters. While she hunts for love in this new world, she learns that her long-lost family is searching for her. Will she walk away from the pack that took her in to dig up secrets that may be better left buried?

Plus a complete trilogy from Violet Vaughn and more!