Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sale on Sexy Halloween Stories! Plus free reads for everyone!

Some of my erotica writing buddies and I got together and organized a Halloween treat for readers....99 cent Halloween reads!

PLUS anyone who messages me and tells me which book they bought gets two free reads from me. A copy of the shorty short, Cropped, an intensely erotic bdsm story and the much longer, His Royal Cougar, which is action/adventure erotic romance between a prince and a heroine who's a military vet.

This sale runs for three days with different books on different days. There's something for everyone, demons, ghosts, vampires, werewolves and more!

You can follow the Pinterest board for the sale.

The titles and days are listed below...

The Devil's Taint - Julianne Reyer
The Demon in Alice -Virginia Wade
Th Pack: Howling Lust - Ashley Alberti
Alanka by Jessica - Laurelie Lane
Shivers - Selena Kitt

Goth Girl and the Sugar Skull Fuck - Burt Maverick
Her Vampire Guardia - Liliana Rhodes
Mating Amelie -Aya Fukunishi/Keith
My Roommate's Girlfriend - Lexie X
The Soul Suckers - Meghan Boehners

Ghosts of Desire- Michelle Fox
I Conjure Thee (Enslaved to the Djinn) - Elixa Evertt
Spanking the Halloween Marine - Sidonie Spice
Love Eternal - Marlene Sexton