Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Books and Cyber Monday Event

Happy Thanksgiving to those of us in the US and, if you're from overseas, Happy Thanksgiving to you anyway. I'll save some turkey for you :)

Wanting to kick off the holiday season right, I partnered up with some of my favorite authors and we have a special book sale just for you! 30+ titles all for 99 cents, many from best selling authors you know and love.

Some of these titles haven't been 99 cents in a looooong time. A few are brand new releases looking for a reader to love them.

The books are all listed below, but be sure to read the next part, it's important.

Then, on Monday, December 2nd, we're having a fun Cyber Monday Party on Facebook. We'll have contests and fun and literally everyone who attends will be able to win a free book. Do the math...based on our invitation list, that's hundreds of free books up for grabs.

Even better? We're just giving books away to readers. We won't ask you to sign up to mailing lists or jump through hoops, not even once. Why? Because we love playing Book Santa!  (Are we in the holiday spirit or what?)

The only thing standing between you and lots of free books is how fast you are and how closely you pay attention. This is our thank you to you for being a reader and we hope it makes the start of your holiday season a little more merry and bright.

Beyond that,we'll have contests for gift cards, trivia and humor. Our party is the place to kick back, relax and get your win on. I'll be there! Come join us!

Until then, check out this awesome list of books priced at 99 cents! Just click the covers to read more!