Monday, July 30, 2018

*EXCERPT* Knights of Stone: Mason by Lisa Carlisle

Few have dared to cross the boundaries. Until now... When a tree witch trespasses into gargoyle territory, she changes the fate for all on the isle. If you like men in kilts, dark paranormal thrills, and forbidden love, then you'll be hooked by the Highland Gargoyles Series!



Murmurs of astonishment burst from the crowd as the transformation began. Their cries of fervor grew louder as the monstrous statues transformed into taller, slimmer figures with the bronzed skin of warriors who battled under the midday sun. The tartan fabric fell over their thighs as they stood erect, covering their nudity.

Kayla barely blinked, mesmerized as always, as the statue before her stood to full height, taking on the form of a human male, but with beautiful raven wings. Hair just as black snaked rebelliously past his chin. The stony eyes flickered with animation, turning to a mossy green. His deep gaze seared the audience, seeming to burn anything in the path. When he found Kayla, he stopped. His expression was unreadable, but the intensity in his unblinking eyes made her swallow. She froze under the scrutiny as if hypnotized, unable to break eye contact. Her stomach lurched, heart pounded, and every muscle in her body tightened, fueled with blood now scorching through her veins. His penetrating appraisal affected her so. When his eyes took on a smoldering glint, her skin tingled and a red-hot awareness grew between her thighs.

He broke the stare and continued to assess the audience. She gasped, not realizing she had been holding her breath, and panted while she tried to breathe at a normal rate.

He turned on robust legs and strode to a guitar stand. She tore her eyes from him to note the other gargoyles. They, too, had shifted into the form of striking males. One had black hair draped further down his back, one had long blond hair, and two had reddish-brown hair—one wavy and shaggy, the other straight. They took their place at other instruments. She sought the guitarist again and caught the first sound of the pick striking the strings. On hearing the guitar projected through the amp, the crowd roared again, pressing Kayla forward.

The freak show was about to begin.

Spotlights flooded the musicians, powered by solar panels near a massive amplifier. The guitarist continued playing and the others joined in, playing a raucous crossover between hard rock and heavy metal. The one with long blond hair grabbed hold of the microphone and belted out a shattering cry that sounded like a call to battle. The crowd went pin drop silent to listen and then cheered in unison as the band played on. The front man sang piercing growls and low croons about the Knights in Stone, the protectors of the ancient forests, battling against the evil tree witches.

Kayla’s coven.

Wolf Pack Newsletter - 8/1/2018


Are the demons truly gone? The gargoyles remain on watch. Larissa, a Boston cop, encountered the red-winged monsters during their rampage. The chaotic aftermath prevents rest any time soon. When she glimpses another supernatural threat, Larissa struggles with the vision. Is it her imagination tormenting her? Or worse--another premonition?

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Twenty-one years ago, the Castillo witch clan helped the McAllister clan defeat a dark wizard. Now Miranda McAllister is to be Rafael Castillo’s bride — sight unseen. Their first kiss awakens Miranda’s long-dormant magic, but a dark spell could destroy their clans’ alliance…and any chance for love.

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Just 1 More...

I can't resist a great read and my friends always write the best books. Take a look and see if you find anything you like.

Ellie rescued her brother, but she didn't save him. As Edward walks a mad spiral, Reese can see fire and smoke on the horizon. The snake eats its own tail. It has all come full circle and it’s Ellie’s turn to make that choice...

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Featured Read: Aimless Witch by Shannon Mayer

Amazon UK
Amazon AU

From the world of Rylee Adamson and the Elemental Series comes a heroine with nothing to lose and everything to prove….

“My name is Pamela, and I am a witch who has no equal.”

Or so I thought. 

It has been three years since the Destroyer sundered our world. The land is no longer whole, but broken into pieces, most technology gone, and the continents shattered into an unrecognizable place.

New monsters have risen from the depths, adding danger on top of danger. Through it all the humans fight to survive as they compete not only with the supernaturals for food and resources, but their own kind as well.

And me? The caravans of humans I pass, they look to me to save them.

Only I am not the witch I once was. Bound by those who fear my power and my bloodline, I’m lucky if I can light a match with my magic, never mind protect anyone but myself.

Now, the darkness in me rises, offering me all that I want. Freedom from the chains I wear, and the power to make everything right. But if I embrace the darkness I will face a cost I could never have imagined…
“Hello, daughter of Raven,” a voice said softly, which was so strange that I could hear it over the wind.

The hold on my head loosened and I was able to look to one side, then the other. Five people came toward me. I knew what they were, if not who.

Five elementals, representing five elements. Earth, wind, fire, water, and spirit.

“What do you want?” I asked, fighting not to panic.

I was Raven’s daughter, that was true; and he was, to say the least, reviled for his machinations. There was no doubt in my mind that I was in serious trouble.

The fire elemental stepped forward, her red hair and deep orange-gold eyes marking her as clearly as any stamp. “Well, we want much. But are given little. It is your fault our sanctuaries are broken, but we are forbidden to kill you.”

I swallowed or tried to—she wasn’t telling me anything I didn’t already know.

Her smile was fierce as she stared at me, like the face of a wolf on the hunt. “You have power as a half-breed that should not be yours, but ours. We are here to take back that which is owed to us. It is the least you can do.”

From her hand dangled a bracelet wrought of silver with a deep red gem that pulsed in the center. She bent and clamped it around my left wrist.

I tried to wiggle away. But there was nothing I could do against this much power. Witch I was, but elementals far outranked me in strength and magic. Especially this many.

Each of the others came forward one at a time, saying much the same thing.

“You owe me. Us.”

“We take what is by rights ours.”

On my left wrist went a bracelet from the water elemental and the air elemental, and on my right, a bracelet each from the earth elemental and the spirit elemental.

As each bracelet clamped onto my arm, the panic in me increased. I couldn’t touch my magic, but I chose to believe it was because of those in front of me, and not the bands they’d put on my arms.

“Now,” the fire elemental said, still smiling, “you will have only your mother’s power as a witch. Pitiful, now that I see the magic in you. All your abilities were powered by your elemental magic. Magic that should never have gone to you.”

“Raven will help me.” I spat the words at them and they looked at each other, laughing and smiling.

“Raven can help no one where he is now. And even if he gets free,” she leaned close, “it would destroy you if he touched those bracelets.”

Whatever belief that I was getting out of this without some sort of punishment fled.

From beyond the elementals came a burst of shouting, gunfire and screams. I strained to look past them, only to see that another truck had shown up, full of men.

Men with guns trained on Hank and Susy.

“Let me go! My friends need me!” I yelled.

The elementals laughed and stepped back, the bonds on me released. “Go then. With nothing but your two hands, half-breed mutt.”

I didn’t believe them. I couldn’t. Still, I tried to remove the bracelets as I pushed to my feet and ran toward my friends. The bracelets were stuck tightly.

I would deal with them later.

Ahead of me, Oka fought in her tiger form against a troop of six men. Six men with guns and knives and trucks lined up behind them. I reached for my connection to the earth . . . and got nothing but a tingle on my right wrist and laughter behind me.

Sweat beaded down my spine, a cold sweat born of fear, not exertion.

Stefan shouted at Hank to back down, then a shot went off. Hank fell backward, his body jerked once and then was still.

Susy screamed, Sunshine clutched in her arms.

Macy lay on the ground, blood pooling around her, eyes staring lifelessly into the sky.

Stefan and his men took the truck before I reached them and drove away, laughing.

I slid to a stop, dropped to my knees by Hank and put my hands on him. I fought to weave my magic through him to heal the wound in his chest.

Susy was still screaming, and I realized she was screaming at me. To heal Hank. Only I couldn’t.
I stared up at Susy, unable to speak around the fear that had me in its hold with only one thought racing through me over and over.

The elementals had taken it all.

I had no magic.

Monday, July 23, 2018

*EXCERPT* Reason to Love by Sedona Venez

Vampire princesses can’t be tamed… unless it’s by a dominant Alpha desperate to make her his mate.



My life of looking for love and sex in all the wrong places was done. I wanted more in a man and a relationship, and Jackal for damn sure wasn’t it.

His lips curled up into a sensual smile with beautiful whites on display. I bit back the hysterical bubble of laughter at the cocky, sexy smile that I was positive had countless women—Others and humans alike—melting at his feet.

“Why else?” I replied.

His smile disappeared.

My eyes widened with fake dismay. “Oh… I see. You actually thought I was interested in being a member of your freaky sex circus.” I patted him on the head like a puppy. “Sorry. Not interested.”
His canines lengthened to menacing points.

I bit back a snicker before saying, “Why are you mad? Just suck it up, buttercup.”

With beefy arms crossed and eyes disapprovingly staring at me, he replied, “Let’s get one thing clear, vampire. I’m not interested in sleeping with you. All I’m saying is I’m here for you if you need anything.”

I snorted. Uh-huh.

I cocked my head. “Okay, I’m going to break it down for you like you’re a two-year-old because I have places to be tonight. I’m not interested in being your next fuck toy. Besides, you and I know I’m not your type.”

“Type?” he growled.

“A woman who’s not afraid to knock your cocky ass down a couple notches. Good night, shifter.”

*EXCERPT* Untamed by Decadent Kane

Split into beasts of all kinds and forced to shift into humans, Khimairans were graced with humanity by the gods -- and Dante's humanity was fleeting.



What was wrong with her? A very real need reared up inside Bailey and instantly the image of his broad form against hers clouded her mind. She bit her lip and mentally splashed a cold dash of reality on herself.

There was a stranger in her store.

And he had a head of wavy brown hair she wanted to run fingers through. Damn it, Bailey, stop thinking like that.

"I assure you I've done nothing to you." The male's deep voice purred from his lips, as if satisfied somehow by her reactions to him.

Bailey stared at his mouth as she took in his words. Her body urged her to move closer to him, but mind over matter, she willed herself to stay in place. She didn’t ever let her desires control her.

Bailey ripped her gaze from the man and looked at her bare arms for a mark of some kind, a sign he'd injected her with some drug that made her senses ignite. She hoped he had done something so she could explain the strange needy reaction to him. Bailey didn’t like reacting in a way she couldn’t control. But as far as she could see, she held no such mark. She couldn't have been passed out for very long, the sunset was still visible. "Why are you in my store?" Bailey willed her gaze to look around the store instead of at the man. Anywhere but at him, into his intense gaze.

"Are you Nadia's niece?" He didn’t sound surprised, more like he already knew she was and had been expecting her.

"I am. What's it matter to you?" She straightened her shoulders and looked over at him. He stood and leaned nonchalantly against the counter. Smug, as if he was glad to regain her gaze. He intertwined his fingers with each other, and a smile crossed his handsome face. A light dusting of stubble graced his strong jawline. Damned if he didn't make stubble look sexy. She mentally smacked her lips together in approval, like some kind of vixen on the prowl.

What was wrong with her?

"I'm Dante. Your aunt told me you'd come. I've been waiting for over two weeks." Dante stared her down as if she should have come sooner.

Defensive, Bailey stood trying to hide her irritation. He acted as if she should have known he awaited her. She raised her eyebrow. "I could have waited longer."

He didn't have the right to make her feel bad about not coming sooner. She wouldn't let him. He was lucky she'd come at all. Bailey crossed her arms and mimicked his position leaning against the counter. Taking the opportunity to watch his eyes closely. Could he be one of them? A Khimairan come to see who would replace her aunt? And while her body reacted sexually to the man, the very real possibility he was here to harm her entered her mind.

A burst of laughter came from him, taking Bailey off guard. His eyes lit up as his broad shoulders moved with his amusement. "You..." He pointed a finger at her. "You are a spitting image of your aunt, a true spitfire. Come now. Give me your name."

She gave him the sternest look she could, tightened her ponytail, and said, "Bailey."

His pupils dilated but there was no animal she could see there, save from a normal predatory gaze any strong male full of himself might have. But the tiny hairs on the back of her neck still rose.

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The only thing between this werewolf and his destined mate is a portal to a different world. Finn McKinnon is thrust into a dangerous journey so unique and sensual that life as he's known it ceases to exist. With the clock ticking, Finn must survive impossible odds to save his future mate.

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Eoin Grant hasn’t encountered a female of his race in decades, and fate set Angie Weldon in his path. He won’t let this opportunity slip through his claws. No matter how wary she is of him. After all, how many chances does a dragon have at finding love? But fate can be a crueler mistress than his perfect mate. Of all things, she thinks she’s human.

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When his clan signs him up for a singles cruise with Meet Your Alpha, dragon-shifter Keaton Lafay has no choice but to go. The catch? Thanks to a certain daughter's recent expulsion, he isn't sailing alone. Out at sea, surrounded by nothing but water, desperate single females, and his crotchety daughter, what could possibly go wrong?

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Drake Evers, a widower who lives in a remote mountain mansion, is content with life and spends all his time on various business ventures, acquiring a massive fortune. But once he unexpectedly gains custody of twin sixteen-year-old daughters, his well-ordered world crumbles. When one of the twins goes missing, he'll risk anything to find her—even if it means turning to the witch who spurned him years ago.

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Save your mate or save your kin? That’s what this Guardsman must decide. Fate will not be denied…But even She has her limits.

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When Alex Taleisin’s immortal DNA kicks in after a fight for her life in the YMCA parking lot she turns to the one man guaranteed to keep her alive—Collum Thronus, savage King of the Dragons. What neither of them counted on is a little help from a grandfather with a few too many secrets, a shifter with a hidden agenda, and a witch with a shoe addiction.

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Can this rebel dragon learn to play by the rules when his destined mate’s life is on the line? Maui just got hotter!

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She's being hunted. She has no magic. She doesn't even know who I am. But she is MINE and I will protect her.

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For generations the worlds of man and dragon have lived peacefully side-by-side. Harmonious and yet wholly separate, there is much unknown between them--but that is all about to change. For love knows neither color nor creed, and where there is passion, heat, and desire, it will spark.

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Crashed spaceship. Prison planet. Snarling, lethal predators. Two big, hulking, bronzed aliens who turn into dragons. The best part? The dragons insist I’m their mate.

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On her 25th birthday Emma Montrose decides it’s time to show bad boy investigator, Jack Sullivan, she’s more than an efficient secretary. She’s a woman with needs, and she wants him.

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One last heist, and I am out of this crappy town. Until I wake up as a dragon. You know, scales, teeth, claws, breaking furniture. I don't have time for this...

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The old eddas speak of dreki—fabled creatures who haunt the depths of Iceland's volcanoes and steal away fair maidens. Freyja wants none of such myths. Dreki seducing young ladies? Ha. They probably eat such foolish girls. But when the local dreki steals her last ram, Freyja intends to confront the fearsome myth.

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A dragon shifter on the verge of death. A woman hunted by a ruthless wolf pack. The oath he swears to protect her may be his last.

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She's stolen a priceless relic from his treasure...and his heart...

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Two years after her parents’ sudden death, Violca is left raising her four younger sisters. She doesn’t realize that their lives are all in danger from something that may not be human.

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Dragon shifter Demoleon has sworn to slay his enemy, the alluring harpy Enyo. But as sparks flare between them, they’ll learn that nothing burns hotter than desire between sworn enemies.

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Zara is searching for magical mermaids, but is she so busy looking out at the ocean, that she's missing the magic right in front of her? Dragon shifter Damrian has loved her since they were kids, until an impulsive kiss ruined everything. Can they find love, or risk ruining their friendship?

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Marcus Kane, dragon-born in the sign of Taurus will risk it all to save the woman he loves.

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Gabriel Wilde is a reluctant dragon leader and now, a reluctant dad. Since he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing, he enlists the aid of his trustworthy (and admittedly hot) PR manager, Talia Tatsuya. Which is all find and dandy until his dragon decides she’s their fated mate. Damn it, Gabe didn’t want one of those, either.

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A single mom on the run from a warlock. And a sexy, testy, rich as hell dragon looking for his mate...

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The Nox Incendi dragons are dying—slowly turning to stone—and Rave Dorado, seeking a cure, finds curvy Piper Ramirez whose purity of spirit lights a flame in his icy soul. Piper is inexplicably drawn to the dark and sexy Rave with his fiery eyes and masterful touch. She’ll willingly give him her body, but he’ll have to open his heart if they want to survive the dragon fever.

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Dragon shifter Sebastian must find his family's stolen gold, or he will die. Curvy human Lacey is drawn to Sebastian, yet his dark secrets will only cause heartbreak and loss. She's his fated mate—but can she unlock his shattered heart in time?

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Things can't get much worse than being snatched by a dragon, until Anna is droppind into the middle of a bloodthirsty battle for the Draconic crown.

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Dragon shifter and team lead for DSD—Dark Scales Division—Owen Ashton has never lost a case. His team tracks a serial killer to a small town in Minnesota and Owen goes undercover to finally end Huff’s reign of terror. The last thing Owen expected was to discover his mate vacationing in the lake house next to his.

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Garen and Skye would do anything to have Melody, including betraying their love for each other. Their centuries-old conviction that one dragon is all she's allowed is tested when Melody makes clear she wants them both, or nothing at all.

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Carina rapidly learns that a magical night with a dragon surpasses a white Christmas in New York.

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“This is war,” the dragon said. And she believed him...

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Adrian is a dolphin-shifter who can shift into a dragon, a new and dangerous development to his shifter abilities. Now he has to decide whether to reveal himself or risk losing both the woman he loves and his corporation. However, he just might lose himself if he lets the dragon consume him.

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Dragon Alec MacTeine has been locked in his human form by a centuries old curse. If he doesn’t find his maiden, he’ll never stretch his wings again. A chance encounter, one fleeting kiss and he knows that Sara is his. Meeting his maiden is supposed to solve all his problems, but instead, it spawns new ones.

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My name is Daisy. I've been cursed to serve a bad-tempered elemental in my beastly form for centuries. There’s only one way to lift the curse: a kiss from three true loves. I thought I was doomed -- until three gorgeous-as-sin dragon s stumble into my lair.

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It was in her friend’s rare books shop that Briana Wright first saw Taron Hildebrand, a too-gorgeous-to-be-real twenty-something Englishman. Unnerved by his unusual orange-tinted hazel eyes and flustered by his intensity and charm, her initial alarm raises several notches with his immediate interest -- and offer of an obscene amount of money for the old hand-bound book, written in a strange alphabet she had found in her recently deceased grandmother’s collection.

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A searing start to the emotional, action packed, Dragon Protectors Series by New York Times bestselling author Laxmi Hariharan, featuring a brave immortal warrior and the courageous dragon shifter he will wage war to protect.

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Lord of House Scorpio, Zale Argyris is a man who rules his people and his emotions, but beneath his calm, cool exterior are wounds as deep as the ocean. After an encounter with a female dragon leaves him injured, he suspects the fates do in fact have a twisted sense of humor—the rogue dragon is his mate.

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Marigold’s troubles begin with her incarceration for a crime she did not commit. She must escape to anew land to avoid execution , but will the handsome dragons who uncover her fugitive status lead her to true love, or true ruin?

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A secret baby. A dad who craves a second chance. And the powerful fae who's after them both... The Fada Shapeshifters.

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