Out of all the books I've written, these are my favorites!


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And below is the complete list of everything I've published so far:

*= Top 100 bestseller
A= Audiobook available
USA=USA Today Bestseller List
NYT=NY Times Bestseller List

Werewolf Romance
The Alpha's Fight
The Alpha's Justice
Make Her Howl/Bring Her Wolf *FA 
Werewolf Menage: Pack Justice *F
Taming Her Beast/Werewolf Rebel Tamed *A
The Alpha's Mate *
First Moon *
Moon's Law
Fated Mates Boxed Set *USA/NYT 
The Werewolf Proposal F
Blue Moon Anthology *

Dragon Romance
Kiss the Dragon

Vampire Romance
Blood Rush *
Blood Bound *
Blood Struck *
Turned F

Paranormal Romance
Ghosts of Desire

Boxed Sets
Top 100 Reasons to Love*USA

BDSM/Domination Submission Romance
Power Play: To the Limit*
To Spank a Thief  A
Burning for Him
Anything He Requires *A
Princess at His Pleasure/At the King's Pleasure  *A
The King's Will
Under His Hands AF* (Featured on the Wholesome Addiction Podcast)

Contemporary Romance
Dreaming F*
Dirty Preacher's Daughter
His Royal Cougar
Burlesque: Le Cirque D'Amour (Book One) F*
Burlesque: Magic in Morocco (Book Two)
Burlesque: Love's Sahara (Book Three)

Free Reads
Under His Hands (Audiobook is not free, just the ebook) *AF
Cropped  F
Dance for Me (excerpt of To the Limit) F
Werewolf Menage: Pack Justice *F
Bring Her Wolf *F
Dreaming *F
Burlesque: Le Cirque D'Amour (Book One) F*

German Works
Um eine Diebin zu versohlen Spanking Geschichten Erotika
Rauer Sex Spanking Geschichten Erotika Prinzessin zu Seinem Vergnügen
Ausgepeitscht BDSM Spanking Geschichten Erotika
Werwolf Dreiecksbeziehung: Rudel Justiz Roher Sex Werwolf Liebesgeschichte Erotika

Find Michelle Fox's books on  AmazonUS     AmazonUK                                                                  Nook             Googleplay 


  1. I just finished reading Kiss the Dragon. It was marvelous! The first thing I did after finishing was to go to Amazon to find the rest of the series. Imagine my disappointment when I saw that it was the only one.

    I most sincerely hope that at some point the others will be written and published.

    Thank you so very much for sharing your amazing talent. It's deeply appreciated!

    1. I agree I did the exact same thing I loved this and want to know what happens next with the other dragons and sara

    2. I'm writing as fast as I can! There will be more books!

  2. Will there be more books in the "Alpha Justice and Alpha's first mate" series? Loved both of the books and really like the continuation. :)

  3. I have read Kiss the Dragon twice now and am very excited for the next one. Hope it comes out soon.

  4. I have read Kiss the Dragon twice now and am very excited for the next one. Hope it comes out soon.

  5. I am still looking for "the cougar's unclaimed mate" thought it was supposed to be released in June?

  6. I am looking for The Cougar's Unclaimed Mate. Any idea when it will be released?
    Thank you.

  7. I know that I may be in the minority here, but I think it's time to eliminate some of those full body tattoos. It's overdone, in my opinion and I am tired of seeing the same ones. Cutting off the heads of the models does dot change the obvious tattoos I've see too many times. Airbrush off some of them, please.