Wednesday, September 30, 2020

October is for writing, reading, and decapitating pumpkins...

What I'm Reading....

Local news celebrity Sasha Dane and her mother are fixated on one goal—leverage their media presence to make life supremely difficult for the invading Preor. They want the aliens gone from Earth and for their unnatural hold on human females to end. Permanently. That’s how Sasha found herself at Preor Choosing Station Tau attending a Preor Choosing. Her job? Gather as much dirt as possible. If only that had gone according to plan…

(Free in KU)

About the writing and decapitating...

Happy October! Despite the neverending pandemic, we are looking forward to fall over here. When I'm not working, I'm preparing for my tween's birthday and we're watching Dancing with the Stars and the Great British Bake Off.  I hope you are well and that there's lots of cider and cozy reads in your fall.

I've been in full baking and cooking mode over here, however, grocery stores are not fully stocked. I don't know about where you live, but where I am, canned pumpkin has been MIA since the start of the year. They never restocked after the last holiday and the prices for what's left online are crazy high. So we're going to be decapitating pumpkins this weekend and making our own pumpkin puree for holiday pies and muffins/cakes. 

I make a mean pumpkin pie and an amazing pumpkin cake. No way will my family feel the holiday spirit without these. So the hubby is breaking out the machete and we're going to find out if we can split a pumpkin without severing an artery. 

Meanwhile, we keep working on the house. My mom is just about to move into her in-law suite. Now we just have the rest of the house to finish. Yowza. It's a big project, you guys. I think we overestimated our DIY efficiency, but hopefully this next phase goes fast.

I'm writing, writing, writing. It's slow going, but I have such a great mystery for Mel. You're going to love it. The research rabbit hole was awesome. I learned so many interesting things about crime...that I don't want to mention or else I'll spoil it. But super cool stuff coming your way.

My black lab, Comet, keeps plotting to run away, but is foiled by our constant vigilance. I've never had a dog who could set an agenda and stay focused on a goal. It seems to me, if she's that capable, she should be doing more than stealing food from the kitchen counter and stalking the side door for just the right moment to slip out, but that's her main thing. I guess it's good to have goals?

More importantly and the reason why we're all here, I have new books coming. Two box sets. First up is a 
Dragon Box Set, Kissed by Fire (major points to anyone who recognizes that as also being a title of one of my books). We decided there weren't enough box set for dragons, so we put this together for those of you who have big, bright flames in your hearts. I contributed Dragon Burning Bright to this one. 

And there's a juicy fated mates box set also coming. I don't yet have links for that, but I'll get them to you as soon as I can. That one will have First Moon.