Thursday, September 8, 2016

Free Read Finds...

Check out these two freebies that I found this week!

Remember! Always check prices before you buy! It's free at the time of posting but that can change!

Monica La Porta


Gaia and Elios: separated by fate, united by a love so pure it crosses the universe.

In rainy Seattle, Gaia finally meets the man of her dreams, but he proves to be... otherworldly. Meanwhile, in her field of studies, what starts as an interesting archeological finding about a six-fingered human image, soon evolves into the discovery of the millennium, but not where Earth is concerned.

Loved by the Dragon
Vivienne Savage


Chloe's weekend getaway doesn't go according to plan when she's trapped in a cave with a gorgeous, golden-eyed rescuer named Saul. His fiery secret and a hot, one-night stand will set in motion events able to change her life forever.


  1. Thanks for the free boo k d

  2. Thanks for the free boo k d

  3. Thanks for the heads up. Always nice to get free books.