Monday, July 23, 2018

Wolf Pack Newsletter - 7/25/2018


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99¢ SALE ~ FR*EE in KU

All they would do was test her, say she was incompatible and send her home. Or so she thought. Before Eva found out that her genes were compatible with a hot alien warrior…the king of his alien race. How far will Eva go to help a very sexy alien king save his race?

Check prices before you buy.


99¢ ~ FR*EE in KU

Razar needs a mate but on his planet there are nine males to one female. Humans look like they are compatible but if they find out the secrets of his kind they will refuse to send them mates. Lista needs money for her mother's operation or she will die.…

Check prices before you buy.

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A searing start to the emotional, action-packed, Dragon Protectors Series by New York Times bestselling author Laxmi Hariharan, featuring a brave immortal warrior and the courageous dragon shifter he will wage war to protect.

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NEW ~ 99¢ SALE ~ FR*EE in KU

Riot is a lean and secretive puma shifter who has quit The Cause. Gemma is a bulldog reporter chasing a story. When Riot finds Gemma in the forest, glowing green and fighting a vampire, does he question what he should do? Of course not, he just throws her his knife. But when she knows his name? Then he questions everything.

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