Monday, August 27, 2018

Featured Read: Love is the Law by Melissa Snark

Hotshot LA lawyer Chase Baron doesn't know whether to kiss or throttle his best friend's little sister. She's a spoiled, unpredictable brat, and she drives this alpha wolf shifter howling mad. The last thing he wants is a chaotic witch disrupting his orderly life. When magic frees him of all his inhibitions, his wolf claims his one true mate. Once the claiming is over, however, he's left mired in resentment over his lover's manipulation...

Arabia Jensen doesn't mean to cause trouble. It's her natural-born talent as a raven shifter. She casts a Heart's Desire spell intended to capture the attention of a certain stubborn werewolf. But after the magic takes hold, she's the one who loses control. Arabia finds more than just her hands full with a big bad wolf who's horny and lookin' for love.

Once the pandemonium fades, Arabia's antics land her in prison. Chase is the only attorney willing to take her case, but even he thinks she's guilty. What's a woman to do when the man she loves believes she's committed crimes of the heart?


"I told you, I don't need help. It was nothing."

"If it was nothing, then it shouldn't be such a big deal to explain it to me." He exuded the thick musk of testosterone, the super-potent variety that would've busted the balls of a less alpha male. As a raven-shifter, she wasn't as responsive to scents as some others, but the heady aroma got her high. She resisted the urge to tilt toward him and breathe in deep, drinking him in.

Arabia pinned him with an unwavering stare. "You seem to be missing the finer point here, Chase Earl"—she pronounced it hurl—"Baron. My business is none of your business."

A ferocious scowl stormed his handsome face. Chase despised his middle name with a fiery passion. He guarded his second name like a dirty secret. Professionally, he used his middle initial, which appeared on all his legal documents except his birth certificate. No one outside of his immediate family and closest friends even knew what that E stood for. According to family legend, Chase's mother had insisted on Earl over his father's protests. Beverly Baron: a sadistic, sarcastic, wonderful woman Arabia adored above all other prospective mothers-in-law in the whole wide world. Bev's sheer awesomeness exceeded measurement.

"What's your game?" Chase jutted his strong jaw, but he persisted, ignoring her attempt to bait him.

She threw up her hands. "Gah! Where do you get off? This isn't a game!"

"Everything is a game with you, Arabia." The way he said her name implied intimacy, but the hardened gleam in his eyes conveyed a pointed challenge.

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