Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Just 1 More - 3/15/18

I can't resist a great read and my friends always write the best books.

Take a look and see if you find anything you like.



Felicity Forrest has the perfect job as an investigative blogger for Everyday Supernatural. Her new assignment is to arrive the Aran Islands and find out whether a pĂșca shape shifter is responsible for the strange accidents haunting a construction site. Niall O’Leary is tall, broody, and totally alpha. His mission is to discover why the veil between the human world and the Realm has lifted. Passion and frustration ignite when the two meet. There’s only one problem… She just got out of a relationship that left her broken hearted. Is she ready for a second chance at love?


 99c SALE 

Avery loves the prospect of visiting Scarya with her cousin and boyfriend. Adventure and romance surely await in this exotic country. Instead, war breaks out, and Avery ends up with an ancient sword everyone is dying to possess. Scarya isn’t just a foreign land – the more time Avery is trapped there, the more she learns about her past. Her ancestors originated there, and one of them brought an enchanted crystal with him from space. She never expected an alien to ruin her vacation, but sometimes the past has a way of reappearing...



When witch Merle MacKenna unleashes the demon Rhun from the Shadows to find her kidnapped sister, she gets more than she bargained for. Rhun is hellbent on charming his way into her pants—and her heart—to win his freedom, but his plan backfires as he starts falling for the witch he meant to play.

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