Sunday, December 23, 2018

*EXCERPT* Many Lives Box Set by Laxmi Hariharan

99¢ SALE ~ FR*EE in KU

In this binge worthy bundle five courageous warriors with heart seek their fated mates in the women who dare to take them on, and teach them the true meaning of love.



I want him. I want to fill my senses with that psychic essence of him again, to draw his light into me. The pull of his energy, combined with the raw physical need that hammers away in my gut drives me half out of my head with desire.
Unable to say anything, not sure how to even put what I am feeling into words, I reach up and touch his mouth. 
His lips close around my finger tip, and when he sucks on it, the sensations zoom straight to my core, tugging on the raw hunger that lurks there. And it's as if he feels it too, for the sparks in those blue eyes ignite. 
Mad with wanting, I stand up on tiptoe and slurp at his lips.
A shudder runs down his spine. Hands gripping my hips, pulling me close enough so I can feel his arousal; then his mouth is on mine, his tongue thrusting inside. With one hand squeezing my hip, he pulls my legs apart with the other. 
Then he slides his fingers under my shorts, thrusting his finger inside me; so sudden and yet so intimate that white-hot pleasure pours down my spine. I'm sure I scream. I can't hear myself, though, for the blood is pumping in my ears, my heart racing as his mouth devours mine.
I am dimly aware of a crack of thunder, or perhaps it's my pulse beating in my ears, I can't be sure. For just then, a second finger joins the first, filling me up even more. Then he's moving his fingers in and out, and again. The friction of his skin sliding against the most intimate part of me sends a jolt of molten desire throbbing through me. 
When he slides his fingers out, I protest, the sound coming out a breathy thread of noise I can't recognize as my own. My eyes flutter open in time to see him lick his fingers. And that sends another pulse of longing through me. 
""How do I taste?"" I can't stop myself from asking
""Like cinnamon and salt, and wild fire. You you"" he says. 

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