Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Torch by Lisa Carlisle

A gargoyle in need of a mission…

The curse is finally broken,
Yet, freedom never felt so empty.
No longer confined to his stone form, gargoyle shifter Mattias yearns for a purpose. Feeling increasingly lost, he plans to search for his destiny elsewhere. But, a chance encounter with a wary woman roots him to the spot–for now.

A werewolf in search of a cure

Rachel heads into an underground club to pick up an elixir–and runs into Mattias. The attraction is strong, but her affliction has left her too damaged to pursue a relationship.
Mattias and Rachel guard their secrets to protect their hearts. But, the cost is high. Will they be able to break through the darkness?
Or are they doomed to carry the weight of their curses alone?


Rachel held her breath, captured by the intensity of Mattias's gaze. He'd asked for a sign, but she could barely function. If he kissed her, she might evaporate. If he didn’t, she might cease to exist. Could she escape this situation unscathed?

She’d thought that in the safety of her home, she’d feel safe. Although Mattias cared for her in a way that comforted her, it also left her reeling.

And, then, she followed what her body yearned, instead of the chaos in her mind. Her eyes fluttered closed as she reached up on her tiptoes and brought her lips to brush his. Frissons of fire traveled over her skin. He stiffened as if surprised by her bold move. She was just as shocked that she’d acted upon instinct rather than reason.

That mere touch wasn’t enough. She wanted more.

Mattias released her hand and moved his up to the back of her neck. He cradled it and then bent down, capturing her mouth. His tongue caressed her lower lip and edged a way through her parted lips. She opened them wider, and he explored her with what seemed like tentative fascination. The taste of chocolate and sweet cream filling of the eclairs lingered, adding a luxurious richness to this kiss.

He deepened the kiss, and a shudder of awareness coursed through her. Her body turned liquid as she melted against his hard frame. Her breasts met his muscled torso and her nipples hardened, yearning for his attention.

She held onto him, running her hands under his wild mane and over his massive shoulder blades, as liquid heat pooled within. Her heart pounded against him, a strange beckoning for something she couldn’t decipher.

His hand skimmed over her back, her side, and then up to the side of her breast. She pulled her body from his chest just enough to allow him greater access. He rewarded her by caressing it, running his forefinger over her nipple until it responded into a tight peak. She sighed against his mouth.

“You feel so good,” he murmured. “Taste so good, too.”

“Mattias,” she purred.

He moved his mouth down her face, peppering her jawline with kisses. She tilted her head as he descended and licked a slick trail over her throat.

“Mattias,” she repeated.

“Yes?” His warm breath tickled her skin.

“Stay here tonight,” she said. “Stay here with me.”

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