Monday, March 9, 2020

Six Things About a Virus

Cornoavirus thoughts and prep.

FIRST, the future is going to be fine! Several countries are testing vaccines already and other countries are identifying existing medications that will work in an anti-viral capacity. Humanity *will* figure this out. Our brains are bigger and we have AI (even if it acts like a drunk Captain Jack Sparrow half the time)...there's no question that we will prevail in the long term.
However, that being said, the present is kind of a clusterf*ck. While this phase won't last forever, it's not going to be particularly pleasant.
This post is my attempt to help you navigate it. I am NOT an expert, but my spidey sense made me start prepping in January. So I will pass on what I've learned so far.
Supply shortages will start to hit hard this week per Harvard Business Review. I was unable to find a list of *what* will be affected beyond some generic noise about tech, clothing, and pharmaceuticals, but there will be shortages from this week on of *something* or other.
Even if you think this is a bunch of nothing, you are going to have to contend with the supply chain effects of China's shut down compounded by panic buying. So even though you think this is nothing (and I am praying you are right) you're going to need to really think about doing some basic prep anyway.
SECOND stock up on your prescription meds. Refill every prescription you've got. Call in refills if you need them. Do not wait. This is just basic safety anyway. We should all be doing this all the time.
THIRD save up some money. And watch gold prices. They always go up when the stock market tanks. You may be able to cash in to float yourself a bit longer if necessary.
FOURTH, cut your costs. Especially if you're living paycheck to paycheck. Cut the cable etc... Put that money into food prep or savings.

But obviously you still need to buy books though, okay? 
FIFTH, if you are financially secure, contact your local pastor to see who might need help with food and necessities. If you can stock a little extra to share with others, do that too. Ask your kid's teacher if they are accepting donations of food to send home with kids who usually receive aid. Some teachers are supplying extra food to vulnerable kids on their own dime in case schools shut down, see if you can help out.
SIXTH here's a food prep list of ideas for you to pull from. I hope it's helpful.
This list assumes power will be available. I tried to make this universal but some things are probably unique to how we eat so feel free to leave off your list. 
Menu is pizza, pasta, tacos, Mediterranean quinoa bowls, pb&j, Mac n cheese, baked potatoes, various proteins and meat, chicken or tuna salad, eggs and bacon, pancakes, and baking quickbreads and cookies.
Think about what you will eat and what has a longer shelf life. Stock only what you will actually eat! Do NOT stock a bunch of stuff you don't's a waste of money. (Please don't ask me how I know. Thanks.)
Flavor matters especially on day 30 of rice and beans. Stock things that give you a variety of flavor.
Start with what you have. Inventory your current pantry and build on it. Do NOT go into debt to stock up. If you are in NY, CA, or WA try to do this as quickly as you can. If you are in areas with fewer or no cases, you should have more time. Make a plan and work it.

Enchilada sauce
Applesauce (can substitute for sugar or butter in baked goods)
Canned fruit of your choice
Dried fruit of your choice
Shredded cheddar and mozzarella (freezes beautifully)
Pepperoni (make tortilla pizzas)
Canned meat you will eat (we went with chicken)
Any other sauces or condiments you use frequently
Any marinades or rubs your family likes
Peanut butter
Mac n cheese
Frozen fruit
Frozen veggies
Carrots (you can blanch and freeze whatever you don't eat fresh)
Sweet potatoes (roast in batches, freeze in halves)
Parmesan cheese
Lemons (can be frozen)
Herbs such as rosemary, cilantro etc... (rinse and freeze)
Ginger (peel and freeze)
Sauce-- Alfredo, meat sauce etc...
Meat of your choice for the freezer
Sprite or similar for nausea
Butter (extra can go in freezer)
Eggs (buy double your usual amount)
Pancake mix
Cooking oil
Yeast (if you use it)
Chocolate chips
Canned pumpkin
Canned or powdered milk
Fresh milk (for the immediate now)
Yogurt (can freeze but will only be suitable for smoothies fyi)
Spices-taco seasoning, cinnamon, garlic etc...
Healthy snacks (popcorn, pretzels, nuts etc...)
Special treats that your family loves and will delight them as a surprise.
Brownie mix and/or cake mix
Freezer storage bags
Diapers (if you have a little)
Feminine products
Yeast infection treatment
First aid aids triple bac or Neosporin etc...
Batteries if you have things that need them (did you replace the ones in your smoke detector with the time change?)
Rehydration drinks (Pedialyte or Gatorade etc...)
Popsicles for sore throats
Cold medicine of your choice X 10 days per person
Anti diarrhea meds x 3-5 days per person
Aquaphor or similar for sore noses
Mucinex x 10 days per person
Ibuprofen or Tylenol
Thermometer if you need one
Something with zinc,A, D3, and C in it. A multivitamin will work...there doesn't seem to be a run on those (These help prevent sickness, they won't help much once you are sick.)
Hand soap
Hand sanitizer if you can find it. Enough for each car, each person, bathroom and kitchen.
Rubbing alcohol
Spray bottles for making your own disinfectant
ONE extra pack of toilet paper. ONE and no hitting anyone to get it. lol
And water if you think your supply could be affected.
Please no arguing in the comments about politics or who is wrong about what. However, DO add to the prep list. Help others get ready too!

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