Monday, May 14, 2012

New Free Read: Tango Undone

I have a free quickie available on Smashwords. It's short and sexy, or sultry as one of the reviews its garnered called it.

Having been a dancer--a long long time ago in a galaxy free of cellulite and aching arthritis--I find that a continual theme in my writing is that of submission and domination in dance. The push-pull of dance is such a great study of the dynamics in a bdsm relationship. I'm actually surprised it doesn't show up more often in erotica fiction.

Tango Undone continues to explore dance through the lens of bdsm and I was excited to see two five star reviews for the story today:

"Sultry would be an apt and yet inadaquate term for this hotter than hot dance scene. Very well done and makes me beg for more of her tales."

"This was a very fun, short, poetic, erotica story. I liked it, even though I don't know all of the tango terms (which is kind of nice, makes it mysterious). Definitely made me interested in checking out some of her other books."

What a pleasant surprise! Go check it out and, if you want more dance erotica, Dance for Me is also free.

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