Sunday, December 23, 2018

*EXCERPT* Obsession by Laxmi Hariharan

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Eve is sure that she'll never meet a man as dominant as herself… Until a sexy lion shifter turns her world upside down…



A growl of frustration rumbled up his chest. It echoed the heat that was tearing her insides. Driving her to plaster her breasts to his chest.
She plunged her fingers into that thick hair she’d been wanting to pet for so long. Meeting him thrust for thrust, she danced her tongue over his. It wasn’t half enough. 
A snarl bubbled up. She bit down on his lower lip.
“Putain.” He tore his mouth from her.
His chest rose and fell, his lips swollen and clearly throbbing. He looked like how she felt. 
Aroused—and wanting and frustrated.
Those amber eyes were dilated to sheets of gold. She saw herself reflected in them. 
She licked her lips. “Consider that a thank you for services rendered.” She was a tough alpha woman. She hated what she was going to do to him, to her, to what they could be.
This crazy attraction between them could only end in one thing. Their mating. His death.
She dropped her hands to her sides. 
His jaw hardened.
She had to do this before she lost courage. Had to show him that she didn’t care for him. That he was just someone who’d happened to be there at the right time to help her out. 
“When I’m back in Mauritania, I’ll make sure to reward you properly.” There. She’d snubbed him. 
If she thought she’d seen him angry, that was nothing.
His shoulders heaved, and his hands balled into fists at his sides. Nostrils flaring, he peeled his lips back to show his teeth. 
There it was...his beast. She’d stripped him of the mask he’d worn so far.
He’d fought for her. 
How would it be to fight with him?
A shudder of sexual awareness skittered over her skin.
She was shocked to find herself go wet. She had to get away from him before her body gave itself away, before he sensed how turned on she was, not just by his desire but also by his fury.
She unwrapped her legs from around him. He slid to his feet. The lack of contact instantly made her shiver. Like she’d lost a part of her. It convinced her she was doing the right thing.
“You should leave.” Rising, she sauntered to the shower on unsteady legs. 
“You should...realize something.” His tone was polite. 
The hackles on her neck rose. She’d turned her back on a dangerous predator. Apprehension jolted her spine. She spun around. Her heart hammered against her ribcage. 
His biceps rippled. He placed his hands on his hips. 
Her pulse raced. The chemistry between them turned up another notch. 
He looked big and strong and so fucking sexy. He looked...delicious. 
A bead of sweat rolled down between her breasts. She wanted to fling herself back at him and beg him to take her, to finish what they’d started, what she’d just tasted. Her breath hitched. 
Cain tossed his head, every inch an alpha dominant male. “You’re not leaving this city without making love with me.”

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