Thursday, July 4, 2013

99 cent New Release: Dreaming (Navy Seal romance, Military romance)

Hey, guess what? I have a new story out! Yay! This is the perfect July 4th read...a sweet, sexy romance with a hot, hunky Navy Seal. It's like fireworks, but with words. Plus, it's only 99 cents!


Rebecca’s husband, Kane, is a man of mystery and action. As an elite Navy Seal, he’s gone for long periods of time working on top secret missions. She never knows when her husband will return and the wait is often lonely.

While away on his latest mission, Kane has come up with some creative ways to keep the home fires burning even if he can’t call or email. And then the dreams start. Strange, vivid dreams of Kane; his strength, his touch, his scent.

Every morning, Becca wakes up convinced it’s all real, yet her bed remains empty...until one unforgettable night she has the best dream of all.

Dreaming is a short but steamy romance of approximately 10,000 words about a woman standing by her man while he serves his country. Please note this is not a novel, it is a short, quick read--the perfect length for a romantic bed time story.

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 (If you're a Kobo reader, I'm having some issues getting the book published there, but it's coming.)

“You should be pregnant right now,” Becca’s mom chided.

Becca shifted the cell phone to her other ear and held it in place with her shoulder as she rinsed out her cereal bowl. It was Monday morning, the end of August and another lonely, empty day stretched out in front of her. “Geez, mom, tell me how you really feel.”

“Well, you said you wanted to have kids and I’m not getting any younger. What’s the hold up?”

Becca sighed and loaded her dirty dishes in the dishwasher. She loved her mother, but not so much her strident interest in becoming a grandmother. “Kane doesn’t want me pregnant by myself. We’re waiting until his assignment changes.” At the mention of her husband, she looked to the calendar on the refrigerator. She’d crossed off the current month as well as the three prior months waiting for him.

“When will he be back this time?”

“I don’t know. They never tell him and he can’t tell me anyway. It’s all top secret Navy Seal stuff.” Becca started the dishwasher and leaned against the counter, feeling too weary to withstand her mother’s ire yet again. They had some version of this conversation every week. While Becca’s biological clock was definitely ticking, her mother’s had apparently exploded and lost its damn mind.

Her mother snorted. “Off serving his country, but never taking care of you. It’s not too late to get divorced, you know.”

“Mom!” Becca couldn’t keep a sharp note of disapproval from her voice. “Kane takes care of me.” Kane’s dog, Ox, came over to investigate, alarmed by the tone of Becca’s voice and she patted the large mutt on the head. Not wanting to be left out, her calico cat, Trixie, stalked into the kitchen trying to act like she didn’t care, yet totally scoping the situation out to make sure everything was okay. Sometimes Becca wondered if Kane had taught the cat some of his recon skills.

“I don’t see it and I’m not impressed. He thinks life is an action adventure film and that you’ll be there waiting for him. Maybe you’re not tired of it now, but someday life on pause won’t be enough for you.”

“This isn’t helpful, mom. Really. I’m going to let you go. I’ve got things to do. Bye.” Becca hung up and stood in the kitchen for a moment as her mother’s words reverberated in the air. Trixie sauntered off with a sour ‘stop bothering me, stupid human’ meow, while Ox pressed against Becca’s legs with a hopeful look that meant he wanted food. If there was no food, he would settle for a sock. Sweaty or clean, either was fine by him. The mutt wasn’t picky.

Absently scratching Ox between the ears, Becca replayed the phone call in her mind. Kane did take care of her. She smiled remembering the latest note she’d found. He’d written ‘I love the way you look in the morning.’ Her husband had stashed notes like that all over the house, sometimes with little gifts. So far, he’d surprised her with some perfume and a brand new set of brushes for her work as an illustrator and artist. She ran across them at the most unexpected yet opportune moments. He’d seemed to anticipate when she would find them with eerie accuracy.

She startled as the dishwasher made a groaning sound followed by an ominous rush of water. Ox looked at Becca, his fuzzy eyebrows arching up with concern. There was a clunk and sudsy water seeped out from the dishwasher as well as from the cupboard under the sink.

Becca shooed Ox out of the kitchen as she hopped over the rapidly growing puddle to turn off the dishwasher. When that didn’t stop the flooding, she swore loudly and made for the basement. Kane had shown her where the water shut-off valve was just in case.

She had to laugh when she found another note tapped to the valve. After she turned off the water, she opened the envelope and smiled at its contents.

‘Babe, if you’re reading this you need a plumber. Since you won’t have water for a while, go out to eat.’

He went on to give her the number for the plumber along with a gift card for her favorite cafe. Becca hugged it to her chest. “Oh Kane. I miss you. Come home soon.” She closed her eyes and prayed for his safety with every fiber in her being.

Read more: AmazonUS    AmazonUK   Nook  

(If you're a Kobo reader, I'm having some issues getting the book published there, but it's coming.)

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