Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Werewolf Secret and Other Interesting News

Here's the latest on what's published, what's coming and my own little secret when it comes to werewolves.

The King's Will
First up....The King's Will is now live on Amazon. Nook and Kobo are experiencing slow upload times and/or technical glitches, so I'm not sure when the book will show up there. As you can imagine, there's nothing more frustrating than having a new release without links to give readers. If you are a Nook or Kobo reader, I'll post when the book is live on those sites on my Facebook Page.

Anyway, here's the cover and blurb for The King's Will, which is epic fantasy bdsm romance.

Sequel to the best selling Princess at His Pleasure! (On Amazon the title is At the King's Pleasure.)
The marriage of the cultured, refined Princess Liana to the savage Daliki King Kafele has brought the rain and ended the drought, just as the prophecy foretold. The barbarian king now shares her bed, but not his heart...and he knows more about the prophecy than he’s telling.
Princess Liana does her best to fit into the Daliki culture, struggling to accept their  practice of mixing pleasure with pain, as she uncovers the prophecy’s secrets. She bends to the King’s will, allowing him to mold her body however he desires, but it will take more than obedience to win his love and learn the truth of her destiny.

Quick Author’s Note
Be warned, this romance is not for the faint of heart. It’s not all flowers, chocolate or safe words, that’s so not the Daliki way. The King in this story is pure alpha male. Also, you won’t believe what they do with scorpions!

Read The King's Will: Amazon US   Amazon UK  Amazon DE

The Alpha's Mate
Second, October will see the release of my next werewolf story,  The Alpha's Mate, a novel that picks up where Make Her Howl/To Bring Her Wolf left off. If you wondered what happened to Chloe and Jackson next, wonder no more!

Here's a peek at the cover...

Little known fact about being a werewolf: There are always wolves at your door and some of them are up to no good.
Chloe Weiss’ dreams have finally come true: She's a null no more, her wolf has finally come. She's now a full member of her pack in the remote Appalachian ‘weretown’ of Hunstville. Even better, she's mated to the pack's next alpha, Jackson Swift. However, now that she's on the other side of her happy ending, things aren't quite as rosy as she'd expected.
The women of her pack resent her status as alpha's mate and suddenly there are rumors that Chloe is an Omega, a werewolf so weak they are banned from ever mating. Worse, an old friend of Jackson's blows into town full of disapproval....and competition. It seems no one likes Chloe except Jackson.
Then women start disappearing, violently kidnapped from their homes and never heard from again. There's a killer on the loose in the small town of Huntsville, and the one wolf he'd do anything to have is Chloe.
                 Now Chloe will have to fight...for Jackson, her place in the pack, and her life.

Third, the second installment of the Burlesque! serial is in process. My hope is to publish it in late October. To tide you over until then, you can see the cover for the next book on my Facebook page.

My Werewolf Secret
Last, but not least, my completely true werewolf secret. Well, kind of. The truth is I've met Hugh Jackman several times in person, who, as you probably know, plays Wolverine in the X-Men movies. He's such a nice guy, a real sweetheart. Plus, lucky me, I saw him in a Broadway stage production where he had to strip down to his underwear. He looks just as amazing in real life as he does in the movies and he's awesome, both in body and soul. So that's my secret!

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