Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Snarkology Halloween Hop! What's YOUR ghost story?

Happy Halloween everybody! This is one of my favorite times of year. I love the weather, the beautiful fall colors, the cozy rainy days perfect for soup or the first hot cocoa of the season and the excitement of my kiddos as they pick out their costumes and dream about all the free candy (that, let's be honest, I'm going to eat!).

That's why I put together the Midnight's Call boxed set. Full of NEW stories about ghosts, vampires, demons, witches and shifters, it's sure to make your Halloween week feel complete. AND it's only 99c (free in KU) right now.

My story in this set is about ghosts and ghost hunting (with a side of romance) so my question to YOU is...what's your ghost story? I'll pick one person from the comments who will win a $10 Amazon gift card.

My ghost story is...I went ghost hunting in Salem Mass. and some really strange stuff showed up in my photos from the old prison. A flaming cross appeared in one, as if someone (who was DEAD) was crossing themselves. It inspired to me to write Ghosts of Desire, which is my contribution to Midnight's Call. What would cause a ghost to stick around in a prison? What's worth holding on to and never letting go?

Once you've shared your ghost story, be sure to visit the other stops in the hop. There are prizes at every stop and a grand prize giveaway as well.

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  1. Hi, Michelle--Thanks for participating in the hop! Your post looks great!! And I love ghost hunting stories. Best of luck and Happy Halloween!

  2. I do not have any ghost sotries. I am kind of GLAD that I do not!!!

  3. No ghost stories sadly. A mundane life I lead I guess.

  4. It was a dark and stormy night.... actually my ghost story takes place in a root cellar. The light bulb wouldn't turn on and I felt something crawling across my neck. I heard a creaking sound and made a mad dash back towards the stairs. I felt claws across my shoulders before I escaped.

  5. I have had lots of strange things happen at my house. One morning my microwave just came on by itself. So I went in there and opened the door and waiting a minute then closed it and waited and nothing happened. So I figured it was just some fluke. A minute later it started running again. This time I went over and unplugged it and it still kept running. Another time for about a week straight my radio would come every morning about 2:30 and it was an old one without programmable features. Then another time my alarm clock would go off an hour earlier than whatever time I set it for, and i would always double check then have my husband check that the time was set right and the alarm time was set right, and every morning it would go off one hour earlier and show that was the time it was set to go off.

  6. I had a ghost at a house I rented.It would throw things off the knick knack shelf.Never glass always the little wooden Buddas.No one believed me until my son spent the night when I was away.It happened to him and scared him silly.lol

  7. I had a ghost at a house I rented.It would throw things off the knick knack shelf.Never glass always the little wooden Buddas.No one believed me until my son spent the night when I was away.It happened to him and scared him silly.lol

  8. I had a ghost at a house I rented.It would throw things off the knick knack shelf.Never glass always the little wooden Buddas.No one believed me until my son spent the night when I was away.It happened to him and scared him silly.lol

    1. You're the winner! Woo! Email me at MichelleFoxwrites@gmail.com to claim your $10 GC.

  9. I had a ghost at a house I rented.It would throw things off the knick knack shelf.Never glass always the little wooden Buddas.No one believed me until my son spent the night when I was away.It happened to him and scared him silly.lol

  10. I went to the Williamsburg's Colonial Ghost Tour in Williamsburg, Virginia, which was supposed to be one of the Top 10 scariest tours in the U.S., but actually it was the snippets about the ancient folk ghost tales of early Williamsburg. I was enthralled. All the actors wore the costumes of the period.

  11. I used to live in Mansfield, Ohio not too far from the old correctional facility that was used in some movies ( Shawshank Redemption) and a Godsmack music video. Well they have overnight stays where you can ghost hunt and you don't have to be a professional. I went with some of my friends and we all got pretty freaked out by bumps, noises, and rustling. Of course it's an old place so it was probably just us being silly but we decided not to do it again lol.

  12. Our old house we used to live it was somewhat haunted. I was probably 13 around the time and my brother had his girlfriend and 2 sons over. We were looking for the older son who was probably 7 around that time and he was in the closet in my moms room. We heard he talking and when opened the door and asked who he was talking to he said "Tommy". So throughout our stay that we had my older sisters hair get tugged, my brother playing hide and seek with the kids and hearing "them" run upstairs and turned out that they weren't even up there. To hearing footsteps and things falling and bouncing everywhere.

  13. I was cooking in the kitchen at night, when I went to grab something from my room, then I rushed back around the corner back into the kitchen, and I thought I saw a person staring out the kitchen window. This person was visible when I first spotted him, but within moments he just vanished.

  14. My aunt and uncle renovated their home which was once a funeral parlor during the Civil War. While gutting the huge attic to make bedrooms for their large family, they found an urn in the wall. My cousin removed it and placed it in the shed. After that there was no lack of strange things happening. One night my little cousin and I were sleeping upstairs, but in the same bed because of the weird stuff going on. She woke me with a start, and I looked down towards our feet, and there was a little ghost girl tickling my cousins feet. We immediately started screaming for our parents, and she vanished. I promise I am not embellishing this. It really took place.

  15. No ghost stories but I was raised in this small town that used to have a witches college. There is a rumor that the cemeteries were placed in away that when on a map they connect in a pentagram. There is also a story about the water tower having a demon in it because the barbed wire on the fence is facing in instead of out so it must be that way to keep something in.

  16. We were at a fall event at Malabar Farm State Park here in Ohio and I looked past my husband and kids and saw a Union Soldier on the hill them in the tree line. I looked to my son and then back up and the soldier was gone. I thought there was a re-enactment group there but the small group of re-enacters was all the way over on the other side of the farm.

  17. There was a nasty presence in the house I grew up in that only bothered me. It was frightening, menacing and extremely annoying. For years I ran from the kitchen through the dining room to get to the stairs and from the stairs to the kitchen to get to the only bathroom in the house. As I hit my mid-late teens I would sometimes get angry with the overwhelming intimidating feelings that would emanate from the corner of the dining room and tell it to leave me alone. When I was in my early 20's, I had been out with friends. As usual I parked in front of the house but entered through the side door to keep things quite for my parents how slept in the front bedroom right above the front porch. I turned on the kitchen light, and for once walked through to the living room telling the thing to get out of my house and leave me the f### alone. As I was turned on all the living room lights so I could watch TV I realized I had left my cigarettes in my car. I turned on the porch light, opened the front door and left it wide open and quietly opened the screen door and gently closed it behind me. I went down the step to my car, got my smokes, and turned around to go back in the house. Every light turned off at the same time and the door slammed shut. I got back in my car and drove to the pay phone down the street (this was before cell phone for used by the majority of the populace), and called my house. My dad answered, and, as I expected said he and my mom were sound asleep until just then when the phone rang. He cam downstairs, turned the lights back on for me, opened the door and waited for me to get back to the house. I moved out a few weeks later and only ever had problems with the thing when I was at my parents'.

  18. I'm afraid I have never seen a ghost.

  19. I've not seen a ghost, but my youngest daughter has. She and I were living for a short time in an old house in a room that had once been completely hidden. She would see a girl come into the room and just stand there.

  20. Going to Fort George in Ontario, Canada for a night Halloween Ghost tour. It was scary going through the fort with the tour group at night, it looked spooky.

  21. My husband, kids and I were looking for a house to buy and one of the houses the realtor took us to had a really bad feeling as soon as you stepped on the property. My kids still talk about it, they called it the murder house and it was over 10 years ago.

  22. I have so many I don't know which to share.

    Years ago, my best friend and I decided to have a picnic in the loft of her grandmother's barn. It was during the Fall, so it was windy and cold outside, but the loft was fairly comfortable.

    Her grandmother's house was empty. Her grandmother had lost her sight several years back and now lived with her children on a rotating basis. As Mary Jo and I enjoyed our lunch and looked out over the yard toward the house, discussing the most important thing in our lives during those days - boys - I noticed movement on her grandmother's porch.

    "Mary Jo, who's that man on the porch," I asked. She leaned out of the loft to get a better look.

    "Where? I don't see anybody," she said.

    "He's right there. See the milk jug hanging on the wall? He's standing right beside it. I don't see how you're missing him."

    "Michelle. There's no one there," Mary Jo insisted. She looked at me a bit angrily. "Do you think that's funny?" Scaring me? 'Cause it's not!" We'd recently had an incident inside the house that had left us both a bit freaked out.

    I sighed, deeply and dramatically. "Mary Jo, I wouldn't joke about a MAN on the porch STARING at us RIGHT NOW!!" I was getting a tad bit frazzled with her inability to see. I thought she was just being mean (which she often could be).

    "Look, he's right there. He's about as tall as the door. He's wearing overalls, a white t-shirt, with a flannel-looking shirt over it. He has glasses and he's shading his eyes like this," I demonstrated, "looking at us.

    At some point during my description, Mary Jo had gathered up our lunch and proceeded to leave. Without me.

    "Hey! Where're you going?"

    "Let's go. Now." She was already down the ladder. I followed her as fast as I could. I paused to look back at the porch. The man had apparently given up on us acknowledging him and had left.

    Mary Jo flew out of the barn, down the driveway and across the road, not stopping to navigate the ditch/dropoff that led to her huge front yard. We didn't stop running until we were in her house with the front door safely locked.

    She started grabbing photo albums and turning pages furiously. At last she stopped and turned the album so I see the pictures.

    "Do you see anyone on this page who looks familiar? she asked.

    In the middle of the second page, in a group photo, stood a tall, heavyset man dressed in overalls, a white t-shirt, with a flannel shirt over that. The photo was a bit faded. I put my finger on the photo, "That's the man who was on the porch a few minutes ago."

    Mary Jo stared at me for a bit. I did not like the very weird gleam in her eyes. "Mom," she shouted. Her mother came into the room from the kitchen.

    "What do you need?"

    "Look who Michelle saw over at Mama's house a while ago when we were in the barn," Mary Jo said.

    Her mother looked at the photo and then looked at me. "Someone was at the house? You should have told me right away. I don't like you girls being over there alone," she said.

    "No, Momma. I didn't see the man. Only Michelle saw him. But this is what she said he looked like."

    "Michelle, have you ever seen this pictures before,?" Mary Jo's mother asked.

    "No ma'am. Why?"

    "Because that's my father. He died before you and Mary Jo were even born."

  23. My ghost story is a true tale, but not very scary. We were staying at a resort in San Diego, and the property was old. My son was sick, and I got up to check on him. I was fully awake, and when I came back into our bedroom, I saw her. She was a young girl of about twelve, and she sat on the foot of the bed brushing her hair. She never looked at me, never made a sound, and appeared to be in her own world. Her clothes looked old fashioned, and it was obvious that she was a ghost even if she wasn't transparent. I watched her for a moment, feeling no fear, only surprise. Then, she was gone, leaving only my memory.