Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Wolf Pack 99 Cent Sale & Giveaway! Oct 12 - 14 2016

The Wolf Pack authors have cooked up a batch of 99¢ (or f*r*e*e) reads!

Scroll to the bottom of this page for a special giveaway!

Sale ends Friday!

REMEMBER:  Check prices before you buy. They can change without notice.

If you see a book that isn't 99¢ or fr*ee, please check back later as price changes may be delayed.

Once you've been bitten, there's no going back...

She's been sold to a vampire to be used, so why won't he touch her?

We put the 'sin' in casino.

A sizzling anthology jam-packed with alpha males, paranormal hotties, vampires, werewolves, shifters, Greek Gods & More.

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An Irish castle, griffin-shifters, vampires, werewolves and ghosts that go hump in the night...

Nook   iBooks

An alpha needs a mate, but Declan's comes with a secret.

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He’ll go through Hell to love her.

Nook   iBooks   Kobo

A crazy goddess is threatening to turn Wayrian's whole dragon shifter clan human if she doesn't mate with a human cowboy. But that's a deal breaker for her grandfather, who wants her to impress the new dragon prince... 

Vengeance and justice aren’t all that collide when a vigilante werewolf meets a beautiful detective.

Nook   iBooks   Kobo

Raised to become the bride of a shifter, Avelyn is determined to regain her freedom, even when her destined husband is hot, hunky Alpha wolf Max Blackmane.

She was a girl without an identity. Until he gave her one...

Nook   iBooks   Kobo

Trapped by a mutual enemy, they have no choice but to work together. 

Nook   iBooks   Kobo

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  1. Thanks for the free books!!! I love your sites!!!

  2. Thanks for the free books!!! I love your sites!!!

  3. Thanks for all the books! I signed up for all the newsletter lists, but I did not receive email confirmations from Bethany Shaw, Cara Wylde, Lynn Tyler, Lashell Collins, or Katalina Leon. I was able to send a note to Lashell through her website and an email to Katalina to let them know. It seems they all use MailChimp and I never receive emails through them, and yes, I do check my Spam folder each time. Can I be added manually to these lists? I can be contacted at tgarofalo@centurylink.net. Thank you! Teri Garofalo

  4. Thank you all so much!! Love the Wolf Pack! <3 Aroooo

  5. Thank you for all the books. Really appreciate them. Always love everything from the Wolf Pack.

  6. So enchanted with all the books Thank you

  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the great freebies and deals!!!