Thursday, January 26, 2017

Happy 2017! New Year's Resolutions From Your Favorite Characters!

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Happy 2017 everyone! I sat down with my characters and chatted with them about their goals for the upcoming year. Here's the scoop on what everyone is up to!

In the New Moon Wolves series...

Audrey plans to start a garden. If you recall, her parents are gone and she wants to live a long healthy life which is part of why she became a vegetarian. With the baby coming, she wants fresh, organic produce to make fresh,organic baby food. She's also adding some protein to her diet due to the pregnancy and is planning to eat eggs and fish in 2017.

Tao is just happy that there's more than veggies and tofu on the menu. His plan is to enjoy the hell out of that in 2017.  (You know, Tao, it's always about food with him!)

Charlotte and Kane, still in the honeymoon phase, have decided to 'christen' every room in their new house in 2017. And by 'christian' I mean...having sex. Everywhere. Midas, Charlotte's yellow lab, is getting an eyeful!

In the Maidens Series...

Sara doesn't make new year's resolutions because she can tell if they're going to pan out or not. That's the down side of being able to see the future.

Alec's resolution is to move out of the castle he and his brother's have lived in for centuries.He just needs to find the right house.

The other brothers are hoping this is the year their maidens come and release them from their curse!  There will be a new book in this series in February!

In the Huntsville Pack Series...

Chloe has resolved to get her groove back after having a baby (which you will read about this year!). She's been too busy and tired to pay much attention to Jackson and she misses him.

Jackson is hoping to take Chloe on a romantic getaway in 2017. She's been an amazing mom and mate and he wants to spend some time pampering her.

Gretchen and Talon have decided it's time to have a baby. Gretchen's goal is to read every baby book she can.

Talon is considering a career change. He doesn't want to be running off to deal with strays at all hours of the night and day with a baby at home. It's just a question of deciding what he wants to do next. He's going to be doing a lot of career research in 2017.

Lia and Ryder have a joint resolution to bring the shifters from the nursing home to their pack land to give them a chance to run wild a bit. The sticking point is how to make sure no one runs off and flashes unsuspecting humans some tail.

Adele and Davian are just trying to survive. I'm almost done with their story and they are having a tough 2017. Send them some good thoughts. It's not easy being an addict and a werewolf or a vampire with a deep, dark secret.

And that's what my characters are up to for 2017. Of their resolutions...which one would YOU pick if you had to?

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