Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wolf Pack New Year's Resolution Hop!

Ever wonder what a hunky shifter or a spunky heroine would make as a New Year's resolution? Or maybe you're interested in what a Wolf Pack author is resolving for the New Year. Now is your chance to find out!

Some Wolf Pack authors are posting resolutions for their characters on their Facebook pages. Plus, each author is hosting a gi*ve*aw*ay!

How This Hop Works:

-- below is a list of participating authors, the links to their Facebook pages and their gi*ve*aw*ay prizes
-- start by clicking on an author's Facebook link (their name)
-- enter the author's giveaway by liking, sharing or commenting on the giveaway post (it should be pinned at the top of their page, with the fox graphic above)
-- repeat through the list - you can enter each giveaway for more chances to win!

Tmonique Stephens - 1 $10 gift card and 1 e-book

Tami Lund - 1 $10 Amazon gift card

Tabitha Conall - 1 e-book of The Alpha's Downfall box set

Sedona Venez - 1 $10 Amazon gift card

Sarah Makela - 1 $5 Amazon gift card

Rosalie Redd - 1 Rosalie Redd e-book of your choice

Rachel Leigh Smith - 1 e-book of To Hold A Siren's Heart

Michelle Fox - 1 $10 gift card

Wolf Pack Authors Page - 1 $25 gift card

Melissa Snark - 1 $5 gift card

Lori King - 2 $10 Amazon gift cards

Lisa Carlisle - 1 e-book of Knights of Stone: Lachlan

Kiki Howell - 1 $10 Amazon Gift Card

Jami Brumfield - 1 $10 gift card

Elsa Jade - Wolf Pack-inspired earrings

Debbie Herbert - 1 copy of Bayou Wolf (print in the US, digital otherwise)


Join the Wolf Pack!


  1. You guys rock. Tx so much for these two compilations.

  2. Great fun and wonderful prizes. Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. Great fun and wonderful prizes. Thanks for the opportunity.

  4. What the heck is happening in that picture? Lol. I have been trying to figure it out all day. Plus, isn't that a fox?

  5. Thank you! With two book bundles & this hop not to mention writing your books you must be super busy. If I were you I'd resolve for assistant (or another if you have one)!

  6. Thank you for the opportunity. Wonderful gifts

  7. Thanks for the chance to win your nice prizes.

    love your books.

  8. Iam very happy for read you post, thanks for post.

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