Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Coming Soon

Regular blogging will start shortly, just as soon as I have five minutes to spare.

Until then, be advised I've been invited to join the writers at the One Handed Writers blog and my first post will be next week on Wednesday. I think I will be discussing why spanking is a turn-on, but reserve the right to change my mind and do a book giveaway instead.

In the interim, please check out this most excellent critical analysis of the Fifty Shades books.

If you want something better than Fifty Shades, but in a similar vein, I humbly suggest my novella Spanked to the Limit (see side bar for link). I can't say it's entirely accurate in its portrayal of a BDSM lifestyle, but it was researched and relies on some personal experience, while also being a fantastical imagining of a dominant/submissive relationship.


  1. I just thought I would add a bit to my review of your story Under His Hands in case you would like more feedback. Feel free to remove this comment, which is not on your post.
    I admired the way you made Under His Hands more than a bit of porn, it was properly erotica in that there was an underlying story. You had a convincing narrative line about a young woman who wants to explore but is understandably nervous about doing so - that made me the reader immediately empathise with Sara although actually I'm not into spanking. She was a well-drawn realistic character. Luke was lovely too although I'm not sure I believe he's out there in the real world! I so much enjoyed the parts where Luke was being loving and caring.
    I docked a star because of the unsafe sex. I know it's hard to write sexy safe sex with condoms etc but I think as writers maybe we can see that as a creative challenge rather than say, Hey, it's just a story. For two near strangers to have unprotected sex in this day and age is risking it.
    I thought you were a really fine writer and when I get 10 quiet minutes and a comfortable bed I shall check out your Tango story which has already had rave reviews.
    Naoko Smith

  2. Oh well, thank you very much! Yeah, safe sex is a tough one. I try to incorporate it as much as possible, but sometimes I let it be an 'off screen' moment.

    Thank you for the review!