Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Free Read 3/15/12: Dance for Me

Dance for Me is free tomorrow, 3/15/12 and tomorrow only.

This is a short, sexy excerpt from the Spanked to the Limit novella.

Dance with a man who really knows how to lead...

Lexi can bump and grind with the best of the club bunnies, but Mark has something a little more stimulating in mind. He dresses her in stilettos followed by clothes that leave her more naked than not. Add in a few toys, and when he dips her over his knee? She can't help but moan in pleasure.


He pressed a button on a remote and music from a bygone era filled the room in a sultry blare of saxophone. Holding out a hand to her, he said, "Shall we dance?"

She nodded and took his hand. He pulled her close until her nipples rubbed against the coarse weave of his shirt. His knee separated her legs as he pushed and pulled her in a series of dance steps.

As they moved across the floor, he said, "The best dancing is about control and submission. A man leads, a woman follows. It's not for her to think or question or do, only to simply allow herself to be molded, to be guided, to be dominated."

He draped her over his knee in an elegant dip and nuzzled her neck, lips nipping softly at her pulse. "And when the woman follows, it is a thing of beauty." He moved lower to capture a nipple in his mouth, flicking his tongue over the hard tip.

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