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New Zodiac Shifters from Julia Mills! Woo!

Zodiac Shifters

A collection of books with an astrological spin on love. From Aries to Virgo… discover all-new tales of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

Zodiac Shifters features New York Times, USA Today, and other bestselling authors. Each month expect new releases based upon the twelve astrology signs.

Taurus- Ambitious, Honourable, Devoted

Scorched Ember by Julia Mills

The Guardians of the Zodiac are back, along with the Dragon Guard of the Sea. These mighty dragons, presumed dead for centuries, arise from watery exile to save mankind and reunite their clans.

The world is in danger…

The fabric of the Universe is unraveling…

Magic has been corrupted, tainted, polluted by a malicious force with designs on world domination…

White witches are turning to the dark arts, while the malevolent practitioners are trying to conjure Hell on Earth.

Armed with the pure Earthen magic of her mother and the throwing stars given to her by Astraea, the Star Maiden—Goddess of Innocence and Purity—Roxane, Guardian of Taurus, has answered Poseidon’s call. Crossing the Crystal Gateway and infiltrating a coven of Elemental Witches devoted to destroying the forces of evil was easy…then she met Ladon and the piece of her soul she’d thought lost to the Fates was suddenly within her grasp. But he’s a distraction she doesn’t need. Worse than that, he’s hiding something…and secrets are just as good as a knife to the back in a war where nothing is as it seems.

Hiding in plain sight, Ladon has gotten very good at playing human. He’s spent nearly two centuries protecting not only the pure white magic entrusted to him by the Elders of his clan, but also his dragon, the last of the Fire Water Clan…then came Roxane. She calls to not only the man, but also his beast. Their attraction is immediate, soul-deep, and life-changing.

She’s unlike anyone he’s ever known – beautiful, powerful…dangerous in ways he has yet to discover. There is no denying the pull she has on him, no getting away from the call of Fate that Ladon had lost all those decades ago. But Roxane has secrets, and in a world gone mad…secrets can be deadly.

With the fate of the world resting squarely on their shoulders, can this Guardian and her dragon save mankind and find their happily ever after?

Not even the gods know what will happen next…

The answer is written in the stars…

Release date: June 13th 2017



“I’m only gonna say this one more time…”

“Yeah, that’s what you said the last four times and the answer is still no,” Roxane grumbled. “I’m not calling for help. I’m not telling Father that Nicneven is back and I am under no circumstances going to listen to Zoe say that she told me so.” The Guardian of Taurus stopped in her tracks, spun on her toes and stared at her sister. “I will tell them after I’ve killed that bitch, put her head on a pike and have Ladon back.” She leaned forward, making sure Una saw the determination in her eyes. “This is my fight. He’s my mate. She’s the mother-in-mating from Hell. And make no mistake, I intend to send her cold, dead body back to Uncle Hades. If you don’t want to go, just say so. No harm, no foul.”

Looking at her like she had three heads, Una groaned, “Really? This shit again? You know damned good, and well I would follow you into the fires of the Underworld. I’m just saying…

“You’re just saying you think we’re outmatched, outgunned and gonna get our asses kicked. We’re…”

“No, I’m saying, if you cared to listen,” Una interrupted with her I’m-the-big-sister-here-so-listen look. “I have no doubt we are gonna kick ass and take names, but I think it would go a lot smoother if we had backup.” Stepping forward, the Guardian of Pisces placed her hand on Roxane’s shoulder. “Nicneven has control of all the nasties and beasties and things that go bump in the night, not to mention a shitload of Witches, Wizards and the Gods only know what else. Hell, the battle-ax brought a harras of Centaur with her to kidnap her own son. She was a nasty customer when we were kids and now, with her need for revenge and trying to impress Ladon, well…”

“That bitch be crazy, is what Una is trying to say,” Doriean interjected, having appeared at Roxane’s side. “I’m with you to the bitter end, help, not help, whatever the case may be.” He winked. “But I think we need to get going. These woods are giving me the creeps. I just know old Nicci, Nicci, Bad and Wicki is watching our every move. We need to act and act fast if we’re gonna get your Dragon back and kick some Goddess booty.”

Shaking her head, Roxane could only snort, “Nicci, Nicci, Bad and Wicki? Seriously? That’s the best you could do?”

“In a pinch, yes,” her Companion sniffed, acting insulted even though she could see his shoulders bouncing with barely contained laughter. “And it’s damn good if I do say so myself.”

“You would,” she groaned, turning back towards the rundown castle where she knew beyond all doubt the Goddess of the Wild Hunt was holding her mate.

Not only did Roxane’s heart ache, but it was the pain she felt coming from the beasts with whom she shared her soul that nearly dropped the demi-goddess to her knees. Specifically, the radiant red water dragon who possessed the ability to breathe fire both in and out of water, cut through the waves like a hot knife through butter and soar the skies with her elegant wings. This majestic creature longed for her mate, Ladon’s beast, the Vermillion Dragon King who held dominion over the warm south seas and Essence of Summer. The Guardian could feel her pining, begging, needing the other half of her soul, the part she hadn’t known was missing, to feel truly whole once again.

Stalking through the woods, Roxane tried to calm the thilykó dráko, “Be patient, drákos mou. Our mate is near. I know your heart is breaking. I feel your soul reaching out only to be left bereft and alone. Please fear not. Save your strength. Ladon and his Dragon are near. I will need you, your strength, your determination and your magic for the coming fight. Together, we can defeat Nicneven and rid the world of her tyranny.”
In an instant, the Guardian of Taurus felt energized. Not only was her crimson winged-warrior ready for the battle, but also the other animals within her, the powerful beasts of land, sky and sea given to her by her Father to call upon.

Coming up behind the castle, Roxane ducked behind a row of overgrown and spiny holly bushes that had once upon a time been part of an elaborate garden maze. Waiting until everyone was crouched in the general vicinity, the Guardian of Taurus pointed, “See that window there? At the bottom corner of the castle? That’s where she’s holding Ladon. I can feel him, just out of my reach.”

Again, Una placed her hand on Roxane’s shoulder. “Have you tried to contact him through your Mating Bond now that we’re closer?”

Nodding, she tried again just for good measure before answering, “Sure have, and it’s just like all the other times, I hear my own voice bouncing back at me.” She shook with renewed fury, growling, “I swear, I’ll pin Nicneven to the wall with my stars, cut out her heart with my short blade and remove her head with my sword then I’m gonna burn the pieces and scatter them to the four corners of the Universe.”

She stood, looking at the people whom she loved with all her heart, her family, the ones who had her back no matter what and added, “So when she gets to the Pits of Hell, not even Uncle Hades can put her back together.”


Turning so fast the world was but a blur, Roxane zeroed in on the source of the mocking slow clap.


About the Author

Hey Y’all! I’m Julia Mills the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Dragon Guard Series. I without a doubt admit to being a sarcastic, southern woman who would rather spend all day laughing than a minute crying. Living with my two most amazing daughters and a menagerie of animals, keeps me busy but I love telling a good story. Now, that I’ve decided to write the stories running through my brain, life is just a blast!

My beliefs are simple. A good book along with shoes, makeup, and purses will never let a girl down and no hero ever written will compare to my real-life hero, my dad! I’m a sucker for a happy ending and alpha men make me swoon.

I’m still working on my story but I promise it will contain as much love and laughter as I can pack into it! Now, go out there and create your own story!!! Dare to Dream! Have the Strength to Try EVERYTHING! Never Look Back!

I ABSOLUTELY adore stalkers so look me up on Facebook and sign up for my newsletter at JuliaMillsAuthor.com. Send me a message!

Thank you for reading my stories!!!

XOXO Julia

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