Monday, June 11, 2018

Featured Read: The Hidden Court

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Skylar's only dream since childhood has been to become a sentinel, a supernatural agent trained to fight paranormal threats. Unfortunately, it's a role assigned to non-fae only, and she's doomed to a life of babysitting privileged mortals.

When her first year at the PNRU begins, it doesn't take long to discover the magic school has serious issues. Between the rogue vampire attacks in Chicago and a rising student body count, she is convinced something sinister is at large. Too bad the indifferent university staff disagrees.

Befriended by a shifter who is as frustrating as he is attractive, Skylar soon finds herself trapped in the middle of a centuries-old feud and forced to take matters into her own hands... before her first year away from home becomes her last.

The ideal read for fans of strong heroines, Vampire Academy, and Kim Harrison's Hollow series!

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