Sunday, June 24, 2018

Wolf Pack Newsletter 6/27/18

Do you have what it takes to be a Real Werewife? In this episode--Can this wild cat convince the romance author that happily ever after doesn't only happen in her books? 


Dela Stonebridge has already lost her brother to The Choosing, and now it is her turn. The grueling journey across the mountains is always dangerous,, but when magic and madness descends, she discovers herself exiled with the leaders of the three other races—the Elvish, Moerians and Norcs.



A black panther with a scarred heart. A gutsy waitress trying to hang onto her dreams. And the Darktime isn't over...


After a narrow escape, Priya runs into the kind of man she shouldn't want...a man with silver eyes, as if the very moon has been trapped inside his gaze. But his help won't be enough when Nicholas finds her...

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