Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Just 1 More - 4/13/18

I can't resist a great read and my friends always write the best books.

Take a look and see if you find anything you like.


Shifter Gavin Rowan informed Sydney Amataya that she’s his mate. But that’s not how Sydney operates. If he wants to mate with her, he's going to have to woo her, impress her, wine and dine her. Romance her. She deserves no less, end of the world be damned...


Rowan Gilmore and her mother have spent most of Rowan’s life running -- hiding Rowan's speed, strength and precognitive power. But without knowing why she’s different, why they have to hide, or who from. Rowan’s sick of running scared, but she also harbours a dark power that emerges only when she’s afraid or in danger. A power that can kill indiscriminately...

When she moves to Australia, a street fight reveals Rowan's abilities to a stranger, Fynn. She must decide whether to run again -- or stay and risk discovery by her pursuers. Her mother has found happiness with a new partner and Rowan is reluctant to wreck it. So, after foiling another kidnap attempt, Rowan makes her decision. The time has come to stand her ground.

Family is supposed to love and cherish one another. Sheila never had that growing up. When she became a mother of not just her own child, but her twin sister’s as well, she vows to love them more than she’d ever experienced. When you find love that’s worth fighting for, you grab it and hold on tight. Families don’t always have to be blood, sometimes ones that are chosen are even more special as they are forged in love, instead of duty.

Can Arynn and Sheila along with their two girls finally find peace as a family, or will the darkness from their past destroy the goodness they’re creating?

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