Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Just 1 More - 4/19/18

I can't resist a great read and my friends always write the best books.

Take a look and see if you find anything you like.


Would you sleep with someone else to save the one you love?
Can you forgive yourself if you don’t?

In this binge-worthy six book bundle, three headstrong women stand toe-to-toe with irresistible shifters and immortal warriors. 265,000 action-packed words filled with love, lust and, betrayal.


Marilyn Carrington has been hurt by everyone who has ever claimed to love her. Now, she only trusts herself and her .45 caliber pistol. When the sexiest man she has ever seen walks into the bar where she works, she stays clear of him, ignoring his advances. But when he takes the hint and leaves her alone, Marilyn finds she doesn’t care about the danger she senses around him; she wants to know the feeling of love again...

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